See Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Daughter Audrey Show Her Vocal Skills

Want to hear Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter Audrey's cover of Pat Benatar’s song "Fire and Ice?" Well keep scrolling and there you'll be.

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Watch: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's Daughter Shows Off Her Vocal Skills

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's daughter Audrey has inherited mom and dad's love of music.

Need proof? The 20-year-old shared a video of her playing the piano and singing along to Pat Benatar's hit "Fire and Ice" to Instagram Aug. 1.

"Put on a pretty dress and attempted to sing a Pat Benatar song on piano… ATTEMPTED!" she captioned the footage. "Excuse my yelling but l gotta have some rock on here (also why is this a reel???)."

So what did Audrey's followers think about her singing? They like it, they love it, they want some more of it.

"Wowwwwww!!!! Chris Cornell's wife Vicky Cornell wrote in the comments. Added Rita Wilson, "More please!!!!!"

This isn't the first time fans have heard Audrey's voice. She has also performed covers of songs like Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" and The Main Squeeze's "Only Time." And talent clearly runs in the family as her sisters Gracie, 25, and Maggie, 23, can also sing.

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Although, perhaps fans shouldn't be too surprised. After all, their parents are country music royalty.

And whether Faith and Tim's daughters follow in their famous footsteps or choose a different career path, the Grammy-winning couple will always be their biggest fans.

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"All of them can sing, but they all have different interests," Tim told E! News in 2015. "I want them to just follow their passions. Now, I'd like for [them] to get a college degree first. But whatever inspires them, whatever motivates them, whatever they wanna go for, you know, that's what I'm all about."

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