Justin Hartley Proves He Found the Treasure When Praising "Brilliant" Wife Sofia Pernas

In an exclusive interview with E! News, This Is Us’ Justin Hartley explained why he’s so impressed with his wife Sofia Pernas’ latest project Blood and Treasures.

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Watch: Justin Hartley Marries Sofia Pernas

Justin Hartley can't stop and won't stop cheering on his wife. 

As Sofia Pernas celebrates the season two premiere of Blood and Treasures, the actress is receiving rave reviews from one special family member.

"She's unbelievable," Hartley exclusively told E! News at the Justin Turner Foundation's charity bingo fundraiser. "I'm in a position right now where I'm sleeping with a woman who's so talented behind the camera and then also her physical ability that she's a stunt woman. She's brilliant."

"She speaks five languages. She's lovely. She's so worldly. So knowledgeable," Hartley continued of his wife. "Just when you think you're doing well in life and then you meet someone like that, I'm like, I need to step up here."

Despite his connection to one of the top actors on the show, Hartley said he wasn't able to watch the new episodes in advance. Fortunately, he had some plans to celebrate the season.

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"We're having a little thing and we're gonna watch the first two episodes," he said July 17. "She's fantastic and beautiful to boot. I'm happy for her."


While Hartley may prefer the focus to be on his wife's work, many can't forget his performance as Kevin Pearson in NBC's This Is Us, which ended its six-season run in May. Although the show's final season was missing from key 2022 Emmy categories, Hartley had the best perspective on what many call a snub.

"You can't nominate everyone. That's a good thing," he said. "We are in a place right now where there's so much good content being put out there...We've been there so many times and I like the idea of these new shows getting an opportunity."

Besides, a nomination or trophy can't define an experience that the entire cast will treasure forever. "We know what we did and it doesn't change what we did," Hartley added. "I'm proud of the final season. I think we did a great job. It was very, very ambitious and we pulled it off."

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Perhaps what's truly award-worthy is the work Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney Turner are doing with their foundation. According to Hartley, the non-profit is a true all star organization in the greater Los Angeles community.

"I like their involvement with helping vets, what they do for children and feeding people," he said. "I love how he and his wife work as a family to better the community. To be that public and to have the heart to give back, the man's great."

Blood and Treasures is streaming on Paramount+ now.

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