Check Out the Stars of The Challenge: USA, Then & Now

Familiar faces from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Love Island USA are battling it out in CBS' ultimate reality competition series.

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It's about to get real. 

The Challenge: USA has brought stars from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Love Island USA together under one roof to compete for the $500,000 grand prize. Oh, and the chance to compete in The Challenge: Global Championship, a Paramount+ spinoff that will feature the winners from three international versions of The Challenge.

From the very start, the competition has been fierce, with several former winners, including Survivor fan-favorite Tyson Apostol and Big Brother's first-ever Black winner Xavier Prather, hoping to add another title to their reality TV resumes. Standing in their way, however, are some of the people they double-crossed and backstabbed on their way to victory. Meanwhile, islanders from Love Island USA are hoping to prove they can do more than just yell, "I've got a text!"

With 28 competitors hoping to make it to host TJ Lavin's final challenge, it might be hard to recall each cast member's history. Don't worry, we've got you covered and have assembled the need-to-know info about all of The Challenge: USA stars. 

Check Out the Cast Of The Challenge: All Stars Season 3, Then & Now

Check out the CBS cast members, then and now: 

Domenick Abbate

Original Show: Survivor 36
Dubbed "The Domfather" during his run on Ghost Island, Dom came in second place, losing to his closest ally Wendell Holland in Survivor's first-ever tie.

David Alexander

Original Show: Big Brother 21 and 22
While he was the first evictee in his initial stay in the house, David proved to be a strong social player during his follow-up appearance on the show.

Tyson Apostol

Original Show: Survivor 18, 20, 27 and 40
Tyson is one of the show's most iconic players, thanks to his physical prowess, cheeky one-liners and unique sense of style. He won Survivor: Blood vs. Water, where he competed alongside his wife Rachel Foulger.

Azah Awasum

Original Show: Big Brother 23
Azah came in third place and was part of the show's historic Cookout alliance, which was a team-up created with the goal of having the first-ever Black winner.

Cashel Barnett

Original Show: Love Island USA 1
After he was originally dumped from the island on Day 17, Cashel got his own happy ending when he made a surprise return to be with Kyra. Unfortunately, the two broke up after several months of dating, but are still on friendly terms.

Ben Driebergen

Original Show: Survivor 35 and 40
The Marine Corps veteran won the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers outing. However, it wasn't without controversy: His season introduced the the fire-making challenge, which many fans believed it was implemented in order to secure Ben's win.

Tasha Fox

Original Show: Survivor 28 and 31
After initially making it to the top six during her first season, Tasha made it to final tribal during Cambodia, but received no votes from the jury.

Kyra Green

Original Show: Love Island USA 1
Kyra chose to leave the villa when she realized she wanted to be with Cashel. Alas, their romance fizzled out off the island.

Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr.

Original Show: Love Island USA 3
After reconnecting following their respective dumpings from the villa, Cinco and Cashay Proudfoot dated for five months before ultimately breaking up in January. 

Sarah Lacina

Original Show: Survivor 28, 34 and 40
The police officer was crowned Sole Survivor during her second outing and came in fourth place in Winners at War in 2020.

Alyssa Lopez

Original Show: Big Brother 23
After coming in seventh place when she was voted out by the Cookout alliance, Alyssa is looking for redemption and revenge on The Challenge: USA. She briefly dated fellow houseguest Christian Birkenberger.

Danny McCray

Original Show: Survivor 41
Danny played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears before heading to Fiji, where he placed sixth overall. 

Tiffany Mitchell

Original Show: Big Brother 23
While she did not win her season, Tiffany, who helped form the Cookout alliance, was voted America's Favorite Houseguest.

Justine Ndiba

Original Show: Love Island USA 2
Justine and her boyfriend Caleb Corprew made history when they were the first Black couple to win the reality dating series. But the pair split three months later, with Justine saying, "This has all been very hard for me."

Enzo Palumbo

Original Show: Big Brother 12 and 22
After coming in third during his first appearance in 2010, Enzo was the runner-up of the All-Stars season more than a decade later.

Cayla Platt

Original Show: The Amazing Race 33
Cayla competed with a fellow flight attendant Raquel Moore on the most recent season of TAR, in which they finished in second.

Xavier Prather

Original Show: Big Brother 23
Xavier, , a member of the Cookout alliance, is looking to keep his winning streak going after becoming the first Black winner in Big Brother U.S. history.

Cashay Proudfoot

Original Show: Love Island USA 3
After their breakup, Cashay and Cinco are now competing with and against each other on The Challenge: USA.

Angela Rummans

Original Show: Big Brother 20
Considered the villain of her season, Angela ultimately came in fourth place. She got engaged to fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen, who came in second, in 2021.

Shan Smith

Original Show: Survivor 41
The pastor played a fast and furious social and political game, which ultimately caught up with her when she was blindsided by her closest ally, Ricard Foyé.

Shannon St. Clair

Original Show: Love Island USA 3
Shannon quickly found love with Josh Goldstein in the villa and the pair surprised their fellow Islanders when they abruptly chose to leave the show together after Josh's sister had died.

The couple dated for a year before calling it quits in June 2022.

Leo Temory

Original Show: The Amazing Race 23, All-Stars and 31
While he competed alongside his cousin Jamal Zadran during his three appearances on TAR, Leo arrived at The Challenge: USA on his own.

James Wallington

Original Show: The Amazing Race 32
Not only did James win his 2018 season alongside his now-husband Will Jardell, but they were the first LGBTQ+ pair to get engaged on the show.

Desi Williams

Original Show: Survivor 35
The physical therapist and former Miss Virgina USA competed on the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers season.

Cely Vazquez

Original Show: Love Island USA 2
Cely found love with Johnny Middlebrook early during her time in the villa, with the two ultimately coming in second place. But they announced their breakup in January 2021. Sadly, she had to say an early goodbye to her best friend Justine Nbida when she became the first female competitor eliminated on The Challenge: USA.

Javonny Vega

Original Show: Love Island USA 3
Javonny failed to find a romantic connection during his  time in the villa and left single. Unfortunately, his time on The Challenge: USA did not end better and he was the first male competitor eliminated. 

Derek Xiao

Original Show: Big Brother 23
Derek received the second most votes for America's Favorite Houseguest, losing to Tiffany Mitchell. He is dating his fellow houseguest Claire Rehfuss.

Kyland Young

Original Show: Big Brother 23
As yet another member of the Cookout alliance, Kyland came in fourth place. 

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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