Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay Shares Rare Look Inside His Romance With Fiancée Veronika Khomyn

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Super Bowl champion Sean McVay also shared how his partnership with Chunky Soup is helping people in Ukraine, including fiancée Veronika Khomyn’s family.

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Watch: NFL Rams Coach Sean McVay Helps Donate $50K to Support Ukraine

In the game of love, Sean McVay knows he won big.

For more than six years, the Los Angeles Rams coach has had Ukrainian model Veronika Khomyn by his side—including when he made NFL history this year as the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

As the 36-year-old prepares for another season, Sean is showing support for his fiancée and the people of Ukraine by partnering with Chunky to make a donation of $50,000 to the American Red Cross.

"I'm really happy to be able to do this because this really hits home for me," Sean exclusively shared with E! News. "My fiancée grew up there. She still has family there. I've been incredibly impressed with just the grace at which she and her family have handled it and really the people of Ukraine."

"I always tell our players that I see better than I hear and what I've seen is an impressive show of resilience, love for their country, pride in their country and ability to stand up and unite in some of the toughest of times," he added. "It's such a credit to that culture and my fiancée and her family have certainly been a part of that."

Meet Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay

It's also more proof that the pair continues to support each other on and off the field. Engaged since 2019, they try to keep their relationship relatively private. On occasion, Veronika will post game-day pictures on Instagram from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The couple also made a rare public appearance together at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards in March.


But if you ask Sean, many of the best memories happen away from the cameras. "I love to get into all types of shows with her and watch Netflix and sometimes be able to unwind," Sean said. "We've been watching This Is Us and we look over and we're both in tears sometimes right now during that show."

As parents to a 5-year-old pit bull-collie, the couple enjoys taking walks in Laguna Beach or Santa Barbara, Calif. And after moving into a new home, it's time to enjoy the rest of the off-season before football officially kicks off Sept. 9 on NBC.

"Her consistency has just been incredible and she's been there through the good and the bad," Sean said about Veronika. "She has learned a lot more about football than I think she ever really wanted to. That unconditional support and the patience that she has with what a coaching job can be is so appreciated on my end. I just want to be the same for her."


That coaching job has Sean extra busy this summer. After making history at the Super Bowl, the Miami University grad knows that people are watching his team—but Sean is confident his players will look their best when the Rams face off against the Buffalo Bills in the first game of the season on NBC.

"We're going to try to put ourselves in a position to start off the season the right way at SoFi and drop that banner from last year, but it's onto the next year," he said. "It will be a great opportunity for our players to shine on a national stage."

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