Christopher Meloni and Denis Leary Get Feisty in Law & Order: Organized Crime Sneak Peek

In this exclusive clip from the April 28 episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Christopher Meloni does his best to keep Denis Leary's ego in check. Watch the sneak peek here!

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Christopher Meloni and Denis Leary are getting their wires crossed. 

While working undercover with a group of rogue cops called The Brotherhood led by Frank Donnelly (Leary), Detective Elliot Stabler (Meloni) begins to ruffle some feathers, seen in E! News' exclusive clip from the April 28 episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

When Stabler reveals that Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson), the leader of The Marcy Killers, reached out to him personally about a job opportunity for the pair, Donnelly takes it personally.

"I'm trying to keep everything above board here," Stabler says in the clip. "I don't want anything to come between what we got going on here."

It doesn't exactly work. Donnelly questions, "Right. What do we got going on here?"

Stabler insists that it's not important who Webb calls, as long as the bottom line remains the same.

"By the way, it doesn't matter to me who reached out to who, OK?," Stabler says. "It's about making money, Frank."

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In the episode, Webb reaches out to the duo to do some of his dirty work.

"When millions are stolen from one of Webb's employees, he enlists Stabler and Donnelly to retrieve the cash and punish the thief," according to NBC.

Law & Order: Organized Crime is currently in the middle of its second season. Leary joined the cast in season two as Donnelly, a former NYPD cop who has a history with Stabler. Meloni originated the character of Stabler on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he starred for 12 seasons from 1999 to 2001. 

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Williamson, who joined Organized Crime as crime kingpin Webb in season two, is enjoying playing the role of villain—but he urges viewers to appreciate his depth.

"No one is all good, no one is all bad," he told E! in March. "If you keep that in mind and humanize your characters, you can really make the audiences invest themselves because they like things about your character...And even though he's doing bad things, he's not a bad guy."

See it all go down when Law & Order: Organized Crime airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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