Diane Kruger "Almost Hit" Paparazzi Taking Photos of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter

During a chat with The Sunday Times, Diane Kruger revealed her disdain for the paparazzi in New York—especially when she’s with her and Norman Reedus’ daughter.

By Tamantha Gunn Apr 18, 2022 7:15 PMTags
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Do not anger this mama bear.   

Diane Kruger revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times that she's had run-ins with the paparazzi in New York City after they've tried to take photos of her 3-year-old daughter, who she shares with fiancé Norman Reedus.

"I f--king hate it and it's driving me nuts," she told the publication. "When I'm with my kid and they take pictures of her I've almost hit a few of them. If I see them and they're brave enough to not walk away, 100 percent I'm that crazy lady who yells across the street."

Diane, 45, and Norman, 53, welcomed their daughter—whose name the couple has kept private—in 2018. Though the pair, who got engaged last August, have opted to release minimal details about their daughter, the German actress did open up a little bit about her little one.

"Oh my gosh, she's so sweet," she told the Sunday Times. "I got really lucky. She's obsessed with Mulan. She's taking martial arts to be like Mulan. All she wants to do is go to China." 

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Diane said that Norman—who is also dad to 22-year-old son Mingus with ex Helena Christensen—is "obsessed" with their daughter, and the two go on daddy-daughter dates to get pampered. 

"They got mani-pedis together," the Inglourious Basterds actress said. "She was in heaven, he was in heaven. It was so cute."

Earlier this year, Diane told The Telegraph that she was "glad" she had her daughter in her ‘40s because she was able to do everything she wanted to do in her life.

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"I am so glad I did not have a kid at 30," she told the publication. "I think I would have absolutely resented it for all the things that you have to give up, because today I am happy to do so. I have been to every party, I have been to every country that I wanted to visit. So, I'm 100 percent ready and willing to give my kid that attention. But at 30, I know I would not have been ready to do this properly."

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