Adriana de Moura Calls Larsa Pippen "Kim Kardashian's Minion" as RHOM Feud Wages On

A tense Real Housewives of Miami dinner caused another fight between Adriana de Moura and Larsa Pippen. See why Adriana slammed Larsa as "Kim Kardashian's minion."

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The drama between Adriana de Moura and Larsa Pippen is heating up on The Real Housewives of Miami.

The pair traded verbal blows on Feb. 17's all-new episode, and for the second week in a row, Adriana brought up Larsa's former friend Kim Kardashian. This time, she was set off by Larsa dismissing her efforts to help a sick Julia Lemigova in the Hamptons. 

More specifically, Larsa insisted that while she was the one nursing Julia back to health, Adriana was simply "trying to give her Xanax."

From there, chaos ensued. "That's the problem with Larsa," Adriana said, "Every time somebody says something she doesn't want to hear, she hits below the belt." 

She continued, "The first thing that comes out of your mouth is, 'You were giving her Xanax.' That is evil."

Larsa responded by pointing out that Adriana was the one to insert herself into the conversation with Julia, but Adriana wasn't having it, and decided to voice her frustrations that had clearly been building for a long time. 

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"I've known you for more than 10 years," Adriana began. "Back when we were hanging out, you already had this attitude that you were better than everybody else."

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"You were here for a minute then you went to L.A. and became Kim Kardashian's minion," she added. "And now, all that rubbed off on you and you came back on a high horse."

Larsa dismissed the notion, telling Adriana, "That's in your mind." 

But before the fight could continue, viewers were hit with a "To be continued..." message.  

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The argument came after the pair's blowup on the Feb. 10 episode of RHOM. Sparked by Adriana pressing Larsa for "answers" about her fallout with Kim and Kanye "Ye" West—along with an awkward yet seemingly innocuous story about Adriana allegedly walking into a bathroom at Art Basel and accidentally seeing Ye's penis—Larsa eventually stormed off, upset with Adriana for "laughing because you were talking about something that was very hurtful to me."

She opened up further in a confessional, admitting she doesn't "know what happened" between her, Kim and Ye. 

"I was best friends with Kim and I love her and I love Kanye and I just was the person who was stuck in the middle," Larsa said. "I took a beating because I was the friend that was basically there and saw everything and that basically was the demise of our relationship. I knew too much, I was a problem and so whatever."

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Reports of a fallout between Larsa and Kim first surfaced in July 2020 after fans noticed that the entire Kardashian family had quietly unfollowed her on social media. 

Though Larsa didn't divulge any additional details about her broken friendship with Kim during RHOM, she did reveal on Daily Pop last month that they're "in a really good place."

Until next week, there's no telling if the same can be said for Larsa and Adriana.

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