From American Pie to OITNB, Take a Look Back at Jason Biggs' Best Roles

Cash at Your Door game show host Jason Biggs was the "It" star of the early 2000s, but did you know the lovable funnyman appeared on a soap opera?! Relive his iconic TV and film roles.

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Watch: Jason Biggs Is Giving Away "Cash at Your Door"

Jason Biggs certainly has had one big career. 

The American Pie star and host of E!'s new game show Cash at Your Door shot to stardom as the go-to lovable nice guy in the early 2000s and hasn't stopped taking Hollywood by storm ever since. With three American Pie sequels, it's safe to say Biggs' character of Jim is a true film icon.

As for the real-life Biggs, he's worked with A-listers like Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd and Michelle Williams. Biggs even reunited with Pie co-stars Mena Suvari and Alyson Hannigan for films like Loser and Boys and Girls—although, Biggs did pass up another opportunity to work with Hannigan on hit series How I Met Your Mother, a decision that he still regrets years later.

From sitcoms like Mad Love and 2020's Outmatched, audiences have watched Biggs seamlessly transition from hopeless romantic teen to TV star and now, adorable dad.

The real-life father of two also is debating when to show American Pie to his kids, even though his eldest son Sid already knows what the film is about.  

What the Cast of American Pie Is Up to Now

"He knows that it's this thing, but he knows [it's] this movie," Biggs exclusively told E! News in Feb. 2021. "He knows it's rated R for bad words. So he can't watch it. But the issue is I don't want him to find out exactly what happens in that movie, from a friend or a friend in school, so you want to get ahead of it. But I don't want to show it to him too soon or too early. So, it's very tricky. I would like to think that I'm safe for a couple of years." 

Relive Biggs' best roles below ahead of the premiere of E!'s new game show Cash at Your Door next week on Tuesday, Aug. 31. You never know if Biggs will be knocking at your door someday!

American Pie, 1999

Jason's breakout role as lovable, sex-obsessed teen Jim propelled raunchy comedy American Pie into cult classic stardom. 

Orange Is the New Black, 2013 - 2019

Jason played Larry Bloom, the husband of convicted criminal Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) in this Emmy-winning prison series.

Saving Silverman, 2001

Jack Black, Steve Zahn and Jennifer Love Hewitt co-star with Jason in rom-com Saving Silverman about two buddies who try to save their best friend from marrying the wrong woman.


Jersey Girl, 2004

Jason starred opposite Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in Kevin Smith's family comedy about a widower and his adorable daughter as they try to rebuild their lives after loss. 

American Pie 2, 2001

Jason reprised his beloved role alongside on-screen dad Eugene Levy when Jim went off to college in the 2001 sequel.

Amateur Night, 2016

Is this every father-to-be's fantasy? Jason plays an unemployed architect whose pregnant wife (his real-life wife, Jenny Mollen) finds him a job as a driver on Craigslist...but it turns, he'll be driving prostitutes to johns.

American Wedding, 2003

Jim and Michelle finally tie the knot in the third American Pie movie, but of course their nuptials don't go off without a hitch. 

Mad Love, 2011

Short-lived sitcom series Mad Love followed four single friends in New York City (sound familiar?) but with a twist: two pals are falling in love, while the other two can't stand each other. Sarah ChalkeJudy Greer and Tyler Labine completed the hilariously troubled foursome. 

Life Happens, 2011

The ensemble comedy centered on two best friends, played by Krysten Ritter and Kate Bosworth, who struggle to stay close after one of them gets pregnant. Geoff StultsRachel Bilson and Jason co-star.

My Best Friend's Girl, 2008

Do nice guys always have to finish last? Jason portrayed Dan, a down-on-his-luck hopeless romantic who hires his best friend Tank (Dane Cook) to take out his ex-girlfriend Alexis (Kate Hudson) on the worst date of her life so she would want to get back together with Dan. The only problem: Tank falls for her too. 

Over Her Dead Body, 2008

A man (Paul Rudd) is haunted by his dead ex-girlfriend (Eva Longoria) once he starts dating a psychic (Lake Bell) in this 2008 rom-com. Thankfully Jason is there to provide some comic relief!

Wedding Daze, 2006

In true eccentric rom-com style, Jason played a man whose fiancée suddenly dies, leading him to propose on a whim to a cute waitress (Isla Fisher) who is on the run from the law.

The Subject, 2020

Jason played a documentary filmmaker grappling with the fallout of his latest film, which captured the murder of an innocent Black teen on-camera. 

Outmatched, 2020

Jason's 2020 FOX sitcom paired him with Maggie Lawson as a normal married couple trying to raise their abnormally genius children.

Eight Below, 2006

Jason played Chris Cooper alongside Paul Walker as Jerry Shepard in this sled-dog epic saga about two Antartica explorers. 

American Reunion, 2012

The gang is back together again in the 2012 follow-up, American Reunion

Anything Else, 2003

Jason starred as Jerry Falk in Woody Allen's Anything Else as a man who falls in love with an endearing but flighty woman, played by Christina Ricci.

Prozac Nation, 2001

An all-star cast featuring Christina Ricci, Jessica Lange, Jonathan Rhy Meyers and Michelle Williams rounded out the drama about a Harvard freshman struggling with depression.

Loser, 2000

The 2000 college comedy follows Jason as a student who falls for his classmate (Mena Suvari). Meanwhile, she is lusting after their professor (Greg Kinnear).

Boys and Girls, 2000

Jason reunited with American Pie co-star Alyson Hannigan in this 2000 comedy about two best friends—played by Jason and Freddie Prince Jr.—who battle for the affections of their shared love interest, portrayed by Claire Forlani.

As the World Turns, 1994

Jason played Pete Wendell in one episode of the hit soap opera. Just add him to the slew of other stars who got their starts on a soap! 

Drexell's Class, 1991

Jason Biggs landed his first role as fifth grader Willie Trancas for the one and only season of FOX sitcom Drexell's Class from 1991 to 1992. 

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