Jason Biggs Weighs In on the “Very Tricky” Situation of Introducing His Kids to American Pie

Jason Biggs explained how he might dodge the “very tricky” situation of watching American Pie with his two sons. Read on to see what he told E! News about the rite of passage.

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Jason Biggs may have passed on How I Met Your Mother, but thankfully he said yes to American Pie.

Although it's a beloved classic, the actor knows firsthand that American Pie can be ~uncomfy~ to watch with your parents. Jason, who played Jim in the 1999 film, revealed last summer that watching the high school flick made for the most uncomfortable movie night he's ever had with his mom and dad.

We're going to guess it had something to do with that R rating for "strong sexuality, crude sexual dialogue, language and drinking," and you know, the whole premise about teens losing their virginities. 

But someday, the time will come for Jason to be the parent in that situation. Eventually, the tables will turn, and the Orange Is the New Black alum will be watching American Pie with his own children. Of course, he and wife Jenny Mollen have a long ways to go before that moment, considering their kids, Sid and Lazlo, are 7 and 3, respectively.

Orange Is the New Black Cast In and Out of Costume

Jason has already introduced his sons to his co-star, Eugene Levy, and that went swimmingly well. So how does he anticipate the actual viewing will go?

Well, E! News caught up with the actor to chat about that inevitable yet "very tricky" fatherhood milestone, as well as his upcoming gameshow Cherries Wild, premiering on Feb. 14 on FOX.

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E! News: You said American Pie was the most uncomfortable film you watched with your parents. At what point do you think you're going to allow your kids to watch it?

JB: Sid is 7, he knows American Pie. He's been with me when enough people have come up to me on the streets or whatever. People have talked about it. 

He knows that it's this thing, but he knows [it's] this movie. He knows it's rated R for bad words. So he can't watch it. But the issue is I don't want him to find out exactly what happens in that movie, from a friend or a friend in school, so you want to get ahead of it. But I don't want to show it to him too soon or too early. So, it's very tricky. I would like to think that I'm safe for a couple of years.

E!: Do you think you'll end up watching it with them?

JB: If I had to watch it with my parents uncomfortably, maybe I'll make them watch it with my parents as well. It can be them watching it with their grandparents. Grandparents bonding time.

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E!: What has been the most challenging part of parenting with two small kids during quarantine?

JB: We're doing everything we can to try to make this feel as normal as possible for the kids. 

It's hard to ignore and you don't want them, obviously, to be ignorant of what's going on, but at the same time you know the best is when you can make them forget about it all. So, whether that's movie nights at home, or going to the park, or going out and playing in the snow and building snowmen, just as much of that stuff as we possibly can and make things normal for them. The other hard part, of course, is finding time with Jenny [Mollen]. 

E!: How are you and Jenny managing? 

JB: We're trying to be delicate with each other and with ourselves. It's a crazy time. We can get testy. We can get impatient. Sometimes when we're frustrated with the kids, we'll take it out on each other.... We're trying to be careful, you know, we're still in couples therapy. We're in Zoom couples therapy. We've always done it. 

E!: You are hosting a new game show, Cherries Wild. This is different from your usual gigs. What can we expect?

JB: Yes. It sure is. For me, it was so exciting. Well, we can expect big high energy, super fun half-hour television. Cherries Wild is basically two contestants who will come on and [will] be playing together. So we had husband and wife, we had father and son, brothers, sisters and friends, and they would come on, working together to answer two rounds of pop culture trivia questions.

They can win cash, they can win wild cherries and they can win free spins to use on this giant 30-foot-plus slot machine. In the final round at the end of the show, and if you get all five wild cherries, you win a quarter of a million dollars. It's crazy. There's a lot of money on the line, and I don't want to spoil anything, but there were quite a few people that walked away very happy.

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E!: What drew you to this opportunity of hosting a game show?

JB: I just love game shows, because I grew up watching game shows, and I feel like game shows are having a wonderful moment right now. And so much of the television that I watched currently, when I'm able to get away from my kids, is game shows. 

I'll let you and the audience decide if I was up to the task or not, but I certainly felt like it was a fun world for me to play in. I'm just very lucky that Fox and Pepsi gave me gave me a chance to do it. I put the bug in their ear a long time ago. Because I had a show with them last year and I was like, 'You know, you guys have all these game shows and I would love to do one. If Ken Jeong ever finally passes, I would love to do it.'

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

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