This Bride's Mother Has an OMG Reaction to Her Sexy, "Twerk-Approved" Gown on Say Yes to the Dress

What do you get when you mix a mother of the bride, a pastor and a dress that passes the "twerk test"? The answer: one very cringe Say Yes to the Dress sneak peek.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 19, 2021 6:00 PMTags
Watch: "Say Yes to the Dress" Twerk Approved Gown

Drop it like it's hot! No, seriously, drop it

A mother of the bride can't handle her daughter's sexy wedding dress requests in an exclusive and hilarious Say Yes to the Dress sneak peek. Pastor Marcia Bailey is understandably hesitant to see her little girl walk down in the aisle with her assets out, but will Marcia's point of view ruin bride Kindra Moné's dream wedding?

"This dress is the vision," Kindra gushes while showing off a low cut, v-neck gown with a slit up to there. "I always imagined myself getting married in a dress like this. It's a bit timeless and it's sexy." 

As Kindra's bestie approves, she jokingly asks her mom Marcia if she's OK. "It's nothing I haven't shown before," Kindra teases. 

Marcia clarifies, "Would you wear it with the slit as is?" A Kleinfeld bridal stylist offers to clip the gown to hide an inch or two more of the leg, much to Marcia's satisfaction. 

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Kindra has other priorities, though: "It has to be twerk-approved," she says with a laugh before dancing. "It passes the twerk test!"


She's fine with the slit being slightly more covered, just "enough that there's no crotch shot."

Yet, Marcia hopes there are no other surprise guest appearances at the wedding. "We want the cookies covered," she quips. "Close the cookie jar." 

Once the bottom of the dress is figured out, now all eyes go to the top: that low-cut cleavage. 

At least Marcia understands that the dress perfectly fits Kindra. "It's you," she jokes. "I would like to see a little less you." 

Say Yes to the Dress airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on TLC. 

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