American Horror Stories' Sierra McCormick Reveals What It's Really Like Wearing the Rubber Suit

In an exclusive chat with E! News, American Horror Stories breakout star Sierra McCormick discussed the AHS spinoff, including the famous rubber suit.

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The Rubber Man suit isn't as deadly as it may appear.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, American Horror Stories star Sierra McCormick dished about her role for the new horror anthology series, including details on what it was like wearing the iconic rubber suit. Prior to donning the latex ensemble—which includes a body suit, gloves and mask—Sierra said she had to assure the AH Stories team that she wasn't claustrophobic.

"It's very unique, there's nothing else like it," she exclusively told E! News. "It is essentially, like, putting a giant condom on your body that's fit to your exact body. It's very strange."

Apparently, to get into the form fitting costume, Sierra had to cover her entire body in lube. And that wasn't even the strangest part, as the 23-year-old actress revealed that the inside of the suit smelled like a balloon and totally transformed her posture.

Despite all of this, Sierra noted the suit was actually pretty comfortable, adding, "It's super stretchy."

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The only part she didn't enjoy? The mask.

"The mask was the only thing where I was like, 'I can only do this for a short amount of time,'" she shared. "That was the one that got to me eventually. The mask was pretty tight."


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For those who've yet to tune into the American Horror Story spinoff, the two-episode premiere follows Sierra as new Murder House resident Scarlett, a teenager with a hankering for bloodlust.

Upon moving into the horrifying home, which is best known for being the terrifying locale for season one of AHS, Scarlett discovers the Rubber Man suit and takes a liking to it. Following in the footsteps of Tate (Evan Peters) and Michael (Cody Fern), Scarlett transforms into the Rubber Woman, which the premiere is aptly named after.

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However, as the actress shared with E! News, she wanted her character's journey to feel original for AHS fans, noting, "I didn't want to really focus too much on, you know, the previous seasons of Murder House." Thankfully, Sierra assured fans that there were plenty of Easter eggs to enjoy.

In addition to Sierra, the first two episodes of American Horror Stories stars Matt Bomer, Gavin Creel, Paris Jackson, Kaia GerberAaron Tveit and more.

As for the rest of the season? Well, the spinoff is "a weekly anthology series that will feature a different horror story each episode," according to FX Chairman John Landgraf. So, a different batch of actors, including Naomi Grossman, John Carol Lynch, Charles Melton, Billie Lourd and more, will be featured in the upcoming episodes.

You can catch the two-episode premiere of American Horror Stories on FX on Hulu now. New episodes arrive on Thursdays.

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