Watch a Shirtless Jason Momoa Prove He Can Make Everything Sexy

Is it getting hot in here? Jason Momoa was tasked with making "boring, everyday" activities sexy. And let's just say, mission accomplished.

By Elyse Dupre Jul 09, 2021 1:53 PMTags
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Is there anything Jason Momoa can't make sexy?

The 41-year-old actor answered that very question during the July 8 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. As guest host Anthony Anderson explained, people find Momoa "quite attractive." So the late-night team came up with a challenge suited to his "unique set of skills." 

Anderson presented the Aquaman star with "boring, everyday" objects to see if Momoa could use his "sheer animal magnetism to make these activities sexy." And let's just say, challenge accepted. Momoa and Anderson stripped off their shirts and then it was time to begin the game.

For his first task, the Game of Thrones alum was asked to sanitize his hands and proceeded to rub the Purell all over his bare chest. Momoa then had to open a can of tuna. But instead of using a can opener, he cracked it open with his giant biceps, drizzling the liquid onto his body.

"Yeah, tuna monster," he said while shoveling the fish into his mouth. "Tastes good."

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For the grand finale, Momoa lathered up in baby oil to iron some shirts. "It's about the long stroke, OK?" he teased. "It ain't about that short s--t. You gotta get long."

And yes, he even broke out the starch. "You spray that starch on it, Jason," Anderson joked. "That's what keep it hard."


At the end of challenge, Anderson thanked Momoa for being such a good sport. "Well, Jason congratulations," the Black-ish star said, "and thank you for gracing America with your nipples."

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