Aquaman Jason Momoa Emerges From the Sea to Crash Couple's Wedding

The superhero makes the newlywed's special day with an impromptu photo shoot

By Alli Rosenbloom, Cydney Contreras Dec 21, 2018 11:26 PMTags
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Jason Momoa left his throne in Atlantis to crash a couple's wedding. 

The Aquaman star made an impromptu appearance at the photo shoot for Katie Meyers beach side wedding on Thursday. "We were taking our wedding photos after the ceremony out on the rocks and Jason Momoa and some of his family and some friends just all walked out on the beach," Meyers tells E! News. "They were shouting congratulations to us and they were super calm and super chill."

Katie's wedding coordinator Carina Cooper, from Oahu Boutique Weddings, adds, "It was totally unplanned and spontaneous!"

The couple tried to keep their cool about being in the presence of the Aquaman star, but the newlywed's photographer intervened on their behalf and asked Jason to photobomb the pair's wedding photos. "He happily agreed to photobomb them! There just happened to be a kid on the beach nearby with that trident (in the pic) and Jason asked to borrow it. So he took the trident and went behind the couple in their picture and pretended to be a sasquatch," Carina shares.

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Funnily enough, Momoa asked Katie and her husband if they were okay with him joining in on the action, to which they happily responded, "Absolutely!"

"I was like, 'You have creative freedom,' and he did his own thing in the photos. We had no idea what it was going to look after but it was hilarious," Katie recalls.

During the sunset photo shoot, she became fast friends with Jason's 11-year-old daughter Lola Bonet. "Lola kept giving me hugs," Katie gushes.


Afterwards, Katie shares that they were walking away and began chatting with his family and friends, who she describes as "positive and loving and gracious and they were just really lovely human beings." This sentiment was echoed by Carina who says that Jason "took pictures with all the kids and all the people on the beach, he was very nice about it, he was very humble."

They even ran into Momoa with his family and friends at their dinner reception on the west side of Oahu. She says, "They came in after us and again were sharing well wishes and love and they were just really cool people."

Their wedding day was already a magical memory, but meeting Jason is a moment they will never forget. "It was a really special experience," the bride says.

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Jason is all about giving the fans what they want. At the Aquaman premiere in Hollywood last week, the actor and his friends and family asserted their presence on the red carpet by performing a haka—a traditional dance in Māori culture. On the red carpet, Momoa told E! News he considered it an "offering" and that he had dedicated a lot of his energy to honoring the people and culture. While the haka was planned ahead of time, his kids decisions to join in came as a surprise. 

If fans want to see Momoa in action, they can watch him star in the movie Aquaman, which premiered on Dec. 21.