Botched Patient Finally "Feels Like A Woman Again" After Over a Dozen Breast Surgeries

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Finding herself again. 

On tonight's June 8 episode of BotchedDrs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow treat Jodi, a female firefighter who jokes about a "level 4" disaster on her own chest. After a series of traumatic breast augmentations, Jodi was left with "flip flopped flapjack" boobs.

"This has taken over my life," Jodi admitted. "I was called a guy a couple times. My chest is something that I think about every day. I cry when i look in the mirror. I don't feel feminine at all anymore, and not having a chest is humiliating." 

Jodi was even called a "pain in my ass patient" from her previous surgeon following over nine surgeries with failed implants. She even was left with a dime-sized hole in her chest after one procedure. 

As Dr. Dubrow put it, Jodi was ultimately left with "very deflated breasts with excess skin." Nassif and Dubrow want to make sure they don't repeat the same mistakes that Jodi's other doctors did since Jodi has a history of implants "bottoming out."

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"It wouldn't tolerate the implants," Dubrow pointed out. 

"Couldn't he have downsized a little bit?" Nassif questioned Jodi's former physician.

The doctor duo discussed what they could do to avoid Jodi's body rejecting the implants. "I still can't wrap my brain around as to why it failed," Dubrow continued. Eventually he decides to operate as gently as possible to take into account Jodi's soft tissue weakness while trying to minimize the weight of the implant on her surrounding breast tissue.


In the end, there is only one option for Jodi to move forward. "We put an implant in that the pocket dictates," Dubrow explained. "So we go full enough to give you nice volume but not so full as to make it a tight closure or putting much internal pressure on the breast tissue." He also warned that her case "has a high probability rate of failure," or less than 50 percent success rate. 

Jodi agrees to go under the knife one more time: "I just want to feel like a woman again."

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Post-operation, Dubrow even was nervous to unwrap Jodi's bandages. "It could be a peek and shriek," he laughed.

Yet Jodi's surgery was certainly a success. "I am literally speechless. I literally have no words," Jodi gushed. "It's better than I ever expected. I am so happy with the results right now. I will wrap myself in bubble wrap if I have to. I am not letting this surgery fail."


In the end, Jodi has a great time showing off her new assets poolside. She even is starting to date again. "I never thought I would be able to look down and see breasts again," Jodi mused. "I just finally feel free. Now thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I finally have breasts."

The episode also shows Tamara, a self-proclaimed "Beverly Hills princess" that spent over $1 million on plastic surgery before the age of 19, and David, who is convinced his nose deformity was due to an "IUD disaster." Plus even Dr. Nassif does some eyebrow upkeep self-care! 

See the heartwarming episode here, and binge past seasons of Botched on Peacock.

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