15 of Dustin Diamond's Best Saved By the Bell Moments as Screech Powers

Look back at the late actor's best moments from his most memorable role: Screech Powers on NBC's Saved By the Bell.

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In the wake of Dustin Diamond's death, fans are remembering his best-known role as the one-of-a-kind Samuel "Screech" Powers on Saved By the Bell

The actor passed away from carcinoma at the age of 44 on Monday, Feb. 1, less than a month after he was hospitalized following mystery pain and subsequently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

"In that time, it managed to spread rapidly throughout his system; the only mercy it exhibited was its sharp and swift execution," Diamond's rep told E! News. "Dustin did not suffer. He did not have to lie submerged in pain. For that, we are grateful."

The rep also acknowledged Diamond's "history of mishaps," and the "unfortunate events" that have made headlines in recent years, but ultimately described his client as "a humorous and high-spirited individual whose greatest passion was to make others laugh."

In mourning Diamond's loss, Saved By the Bell fans and his former co-stars alike have shared similar sentiments. 

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At the end of the day, one thing's for sure: Diamond's legacy will live on through the beloved sitcom and his perfect portrayal of the nerdy, good-natured character.

Take a look back at all of Screech Power's best Saved By the Bell moments below.

Psychic for a Day

Dustin Diamond's Screech was struck by lightning in the season one episode titled "The Gift," and naturally, instead of becoming seriously injured, he gained the ability to see into the future. Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Slater (Mario Lopez) made sure to use Screech's psychic skills to their advantage, but eventually, his powers wore off. 

The One

If there's one thing Zack Morris loves to do, it's meddling—especially when he knows the outcome will work in his favor. So when he decides that Screech is in desperate need of a girlfriend but fails to find him any potential suitors—thus leaving Screech too down in the dumps to finish their science project—Zack dresses in drag, and unfortunately for him, Screech falls in love. 

The Pineapple Bra

Slater's dad is reassigned to Hawaii in season one's "Aloha Slater," and as part of Zack's plan to get his rival to move, Screech wears this absolutely ridiculous get-up that we haven't stopped thinking about all these years later. 

Bad Accident

Screech inadvertently invents what appears to be a miraculous zit cream until everything quite literally blows up in his Kelly Kapowski's (Tiffani Thiessen) face.

Screech Takes on Sports

In what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, Screech is unable to successfully take Slater's place on the wrestling team. This, however, didn't stop Zack from suggesting he do so in order to win a bet. 

A True Friend

Kevin, Screech's artificially intelligent robot who lives in his room, deserved more Saved By the Bell screentime. He was a much better friend than Zack, after all!

Kelly's Got a Crush

Kevin was even a good wing-man, helping Screech tutor Kelly when she was failing science class. This set-up famously led to her falling for Screech, and while the pairing didn't exactly last very long, it did give us that scene of them sharing a milkshake together.

The Party of the Decade

Without Screech, Saved By the Bell fans never would've witnessed the iconic "Barbara Ann" scene in season two's "House Party" since it was his parents that were out of town.

Introducing Violet Anne Bickerstaff

"House Party" is memorable for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it introduced Screech's would-be girlfriend Violet, played by Tori Spelling

Miss Bayside

Screech is the subject of yet another bet when it comes time for the Miss Bayside Beauty Pageant. Zack wages that he can get anyone to beat Lisa (Lark Voorhies), but when Slater picks Screech, he finds himself going to ridiculous measures to make sure he actually wins. And by ridiculous, we mean that when Kevin accidentally punches Screech in the face, Zack tries to tell everyone that it was Slater who hit him. The worst part? Zack's plan works and Screech wins the pageant. 

The Talking Tooth

"Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind" sees Screech dress up as an alien so Zack can sell photos of him to a tabloid, but before we know it, the government is threatening to take him away out of fear that he's a real alien. Enough said.

Screech's Spaghetti Sauce

Screech cooks up what turns out to be an amazing spaghetti sauce only for the recipe to be stolen by a girl who pretended to be interested in him. He really can't have anything!

Gumby Gone Wrong

Screech has never been subtle about his love for Lisa, but in season four's "Masquerade Ball," he sends her love letters as a secret admirer. And as it turns out, she's thrilled to read them—but only because she thinks it's Zack sending them. Confusion involving Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) ensues, leading to the costume ball in which Screech naturally dresses up as Gumby.

Screech's Revenge

Zack, Slater and the rest of the gang forgot Screech's birthday in season four because of course they did. Thankfully, Screech gets his revenge after being appointed hall monitor.

Graduation Day

Screech, being the genius that he is, earns the title of "valedictorian" come graduation day. However, because he knows how much it would mean to Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley), whose GPA is barely lower than his, he tells Mr. Belding to give it to her instead. 

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