Anwar Hadid Clarifies His Controversial Stance on Coronavirus Vaccine

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s brother Anwar Hadid assured fans he’s not against vaccines after declaring he will “absolutely not” take one related to the coronavirus.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 29, 2020 6:19 PMTags
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Anwar Hadid is clarifying his thoughts when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine.

Just last week, the 21-year-old model made headlines when he revealed on Instagram Stories that he would "absolutely not" take the vaccine.

"Either I just don't get it or I get it and, God willing, heal from it and get antibodies rather than do that process unnaturally," he explained. "Our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think."

But on Monday, Dec. 28, Anwar clarified his recent comments and declared he was not anti vaccines.

"I think everyone has to be careful with each vaccine individually looking at positive and possible negative effects," he shared in an Instagam Story captured by TMZ. "I have taken vaccines before but as someone who has had a compromised immune system, I want to continue to learn about the many ways I can protect myself and others."

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Back in October 2015, Yolanda Hadid, 56, revealed Anwar and his sister Bella Hadid, 24, both suffered from Lyme disease.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

She would later document their care on social media by writing, "I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure for my babies so that they can live the healthy life that they deserve to live."

Yolanda would also document her own personal battle with the chronic illness in her best-selling book, Believe Me

Ultimately, Anwar told fans in his latest statement that he wasn't trying to "make a stance." At the same time, he promised to be "more aware" before he addresses the pandemic that has killed more than 335,000 people in the United States alone.

"Never meant to offend anyone with my words and I am so grateful for all the frontline workers and doctors and the powerful work they have done during this time," Anwar shared. "I'm listening and I'm all about the conversation. "

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