Euphoria Star Lukas Gage Expertly Reacts to “S—t Talking” Director Over Zoom Audition

Love, Victor and Euphoria actor Lukas Gage had the perfect response for a director who insulted his apartment over Zoom.

By Kaitlin Reilly Nov 20, 2020 11:48 PMTags
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In this new age of social distancing, Zoom and other video calling programs have made it easy to host virtual meetings. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-versed in proper Zoom etiquette—especially when it comes to muting and unmuting your mic. So was the case for an anonymous director Euphoria and Love, Victor actor Lukas Gage, 25, auditioned for this week, who didn't realize that his microphone was still on when insulting Lukas' apartment. 

In a video that Lukas—who plays Tyler on the HBO series—shared to Twitter, the actor prepares for his virtual audition when he hears the director speaking to a third person over Zoom. 

Referring to Lukas' home, which is visible in the background, the director says, "These poor people live in these tiny apartments. Like I'm looking at his background and he has his TV, you know..." 

While it's unclear what it was about Lukas' apartment that bothered the director so much, the outspoken actor quickly interrupted him to tell him he was unmuted. 

"It's a s----y apartment," Lukas said. "Give me this job so I can get a better one." 

The director quickly apologized, saying he was "so, so sorry" and "mortified" by the comment. The TV star took the whole thing in stride, again telling his potential boss that he could upgrade his living situation if he just hired him. 

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Yet while Lukas played it cool during the audition, he couldn't help but share his true feelings on Twitter. "psa," Lukas wrote. "if youre a s--t talking director make sure to mute ur s--t on zoom mtgings."

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Twitter rallied around the performer, with one fan writing, "theres gonna be some problems if you don't get that job." Another added "u handled this so well king." 

While others put themselves in Lukas' shoes, and said they would have dealt with the situation much differently. One wrote, "dude i'd cry i think."

If Lukas does get this one is likely going to be a bit awkward. Check out the video above!

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