Tayshia Adams Finally Make Her Bachelorette Debut in New Teaser

Tayshia Adams is here! In a promo for the next episode of The Bachelorette, things implode for Clare and Tayshia makes her arrival.

By Lauren Piester Oct 28, 2020 2:00 AMTags

Frickin' finally. 

After months and months of no Tayshia Adams in any Bachelorette-related promo—despite everyone knowing that she replaces Clare Crawley at some point in the season—the 30-year-old phlebotomist has finally made her entrance. And what an entrance it is. 

She made her very first appearance in the teaser that aired at the end of Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette, which showed things sort of imploding between Clare and her troublesome men (even more than they've already imploded...). Chris Harrison tells Clare she's blowing up the show, etc., etc., and suddenly Tayshia's emerging from the pool like a lost yet shimmering Love Island contestant. 

At this point, we've been waiting to see any hint of her for so long that it felt like we found water in the desert. Finally, she's here! Our thirst is about to be quenched! The rumors are true! 

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You can watch the promo below! 

Of course before we get to Tayshia's highly anticipated arrival, there's crap to deal with. 

Clare's in tears and the men are not happy, going on about how they put their lives on the line. Some of them are packing up. 

"We have never dealt with anything like this in the history of our show," Chris says, and one of the men wonders what's next. Cue Tayshia in the pool!

Sources confirmed to E! News back in August that Clare left the show after a couple of weeks of filming when she found herself some love a little early. Now it's pretty clear how exactly that happened, especially after watching what happened tonight. A jerk named Yosef essentially attacked Clare for being "classless" for hosting a strip dodgeball date. She was left in tears, and it was Dale who was there to comfort her. He even gave the toast after the rose ceremony, and made a whole speech to the other men on a group date to ask if he could steal time with Clare first. 

The other men, of course, hate him, but Clare's entirely made of heart eyes. No other man stands a chance, and now that Clare's found love, it appears to be Tayshia's turn. 

Due to the election, the next episode of The Bachelorette will air next Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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