Yosef Aborady Calls Clare Crawley "Classless" in Shocking Bachelorette Confrontation

On Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley goes off on Yosef Aborady after he calls her a "classless" woman and the "oldest" bachelorette.

By Cydney Contreras Oct 28, 2020 1:01 AMTags

If Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette gave you flashbacks to Juan Pablo Galavis' disastrous breakup with Clare Crawley, you're not alone.

Bachelorette fans' jaws literally dropped when Yosef Aborady confronted Clare over her apparent "classless display" on the reality show. To start, he pulled her aside to complain about "missing out on time" with his daughter, something that Clare said she understood, telling him, "Honestly I get it. My mom is dying."

But Yosef wasn't done talking. He told her, "Let me continue."

He went on to address her speech on the first date, calling it "really disrespectful." But again, that's not all.

Yosef then blamed Clare for the strip dodgeball group date, which he didn't even participate in. "The second thing is I was absolutely appalled at the group date that occurred yesterday," he explained. "There was naked guys that were playing dodgeball together. It's so humiliating and degrading and I don't see how that translates into finding a husband. Like who's willing to strip down butt naked and play dodgeball? It seems very silly and very immature."

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Yosef continued, "I feel like a lot of these guys are appeasing you. If I was on that date I sure as hell wouldn't have crossed that line. Not in a million years would I be caught dead doing that. If my daughter saw me doing that, if my family saw me doing that, like think of the example that would be setting."

But, as Clare calmly explained, "That's why you were not on that date."


Clearly unwilling to let Clare have the final word, Yosef said the worst thing yet: "I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette there's ever been. You're not setting the right example to my daughter. I'm ashamed to be associated with you. I can't believe I sacrificed so much to be here just to watch this distasteful, classless display."

And just like that, Clare's calm demeanor disappeared, with the Bachelorette telling Yosef, "Do not ever talk to me like that. I never thought I'd ever have to tell any man that I would never want them being the father of my child… Get out of here."

Having been booted from the show, Yosef followed Clare around telling her it was him who wouldn't want her for his daughter's mother. And even as she walked away, he repeated his assertion that he "expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette in history." To add further insult to injury, he yelled, "Remember you're almost 40."

Clearly, no one ever told this man to stop while he's ahead.

ABC/Maarten de Boe/Craig Sjodin

Now in tears, Clare told the cameras, "Talking to a woman like that, I don't care what was done. I didn't even doing anything to that man. Sick, sick! I'm the oldest Bachelorette that's 39, that's standing here, that's single because I didn't settle for men like that."

While all the men rushed to comfort Clare or intimidate Yosef, Dale Moss was the one who conveniently stuck around to hug the Bachelorette. 

The other men should've done the same, because Clare later admitted to "falling in love" with Dale during her confessional.

Additionally, this move gave Dale a foot up regarding the rose ceremony, since the cocktail party was cancelled, meaning the rest of the men didn't get their chance for some one-on-one time. But as the saying goes: you snooze, you lose!

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.