Jurnee Smollett Reveals the Slightly Embarrassing Way She Met Chris Hemsworth

During a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Jurnee Smollett revealed why her first meeting with Chris Hemsworth was so memorable. Keep scrolling for the hilarious story!

By Mona Thomas Oct 06, 2020 4:54 PMTags
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Parents will be parents everywhere. 

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired Tuesday, Oct. 6, actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell shared a super relatable and slightly embarrassing moment with her mom.

"I'm about to go to Australia to film a movie with Myles Taylor and Chris Hemsworth," the actress told Ellen DeGeneres. "Chris and I actually met on your show. I met him backstage and I remember meeting him because my mom was flirting with him."

"Well who doesn't flirt with Chris Hemsworth," joked the host. "I flirt with Chris Hemsworth." 

The 34-year-old actress continued, "Good for you, should flirt with Chris Hemsworth. I won't be flirting with Chris, just so you guys know. But my mom was telling him that he's 'a tall drink of water.'" To which Ellen agreed, "Well he is a tall drink of water."

Jurnee also shared that she'll be bringing her four-year-old son Hunter Zion Bell to Australia with her and explained the COVID-19 procedures the continent has in place. 

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"Australia does not play. When we land, the army, the local police and I think  another group of people will be greeting us and taking all of us to a hotel where no one knows whether if it's a good hotel or bad," said the Birds of Prey star. "And me and my son will be in one room for 14 days together, unable to leave. They're gonna take our keys and I'm gonna need you to pray for me."

She also added, with a wag of a finger, "If I can survive this, there's nothing I can't do."

Jurnee is currently starring in the new HBO horror-drama series Lovecraft Country, based off of the 2016 novel of the same name, alongside Jonathan Majors, Courtney B. Vance, Aunjanue Ellis, Michael K. Williams, and many other star-studded names. 

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