Meghan Markle Calls This the "Best Accessory" for Success

Meghan Markle joined a video call with the Smart Works organization to discuss the power of fashion and how it can give people that extra boost of "confidence."

By Alyssa Morin Sep 12, 2020 5:43 PMTags
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When you look good, you feel good!

No one knows that motto better than Meghan Markle. Exactly one year ago, the former Suits star partnered with Smart Works to create a capsule collection of workwear to help support women looking to re-enter the workforce.

Celebrating the milestone, Meghan hopped on a video call with the organization to discuss the power of fashion and how it can give people that extra boost of "confidence" on the inside.

"People can say that so much of Smart Works is about the clothes themselves but it's really not," she explained while speaking to three clients who received help from the organization.

"All of that stuff is the exterior but it's what it does for you on the inside that ends up being the best accessory," she continued, adding, "It's the confidence, it's what is built within, that is the piece that you walk out of that room with, and walk into the interview with that will take you to the next layer of success."

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"As women, so often it's easy to forget all of your skills and your assets, not that they're not there, but you need someone sometimes to point them out for you," Meghan later explained. "That's critical because what I find is, women who volunteer with Smart Works... is that they're not pointing out something that doesn't exist, they're seeing it in you for the first time."

At the time of releasing her capsule collection, Meghan described the partnership as a way to help those in need in a substantial way.


"A big piece of this is trying to transform the idea of charity to community," she expressed while at the organization's headquarters last year. "And the way that we do that I think as people, is we go into our closet as a woman as you say, 'I'm gonna make a donation.' You don't go through your closet and just toss in a box whatever you don't care about anymore. That's charity as we know it today."

"Community is going through your closet and saying, this is the blazer that I wore when I nailed my first job interview and got my dream job," she continued. "And I don't need that anymore, because I am where I want to be. But if I'm able to share that blazer and be part of another woman's success story, then that's community."

For the collection, she worked with Jigsaw, John Lewis & Partners, Marks & Spencer and Misha Nonoo.

Watch the Smart Works video above to hear each client describe their experience with the organization. Plus, get a glimpse inside Meghan and Prince Harry's new California home.

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