What to Watch This Weekend: Our Top Binge Picks for July 18-19

All of Peacock's new offerings, HBO Max's Showbiz Kids, The Notebook's return and more of our streaming picks to check out this Saturday and Sunday

By Tierney Bricker Jul 17, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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So. Much. New.

Continuing to prove that July is no longer TV's version of an off-season, business is a-boomin', with this weekend providing so many options to enjoy. 

Not only is Netflix debuting a fresh new take on the Arthur legend and HBO Max is premiering a documentary everyone will surely be taking about, but a brand new streaming service officially launched this week, Peacock, which provides 13,000 hours of free entertainment to binge, meaning it would take you almost two years to make it through it all. We double-dog dare you to get started and we're helping out by highlighting some of the original series to check out. 

Plus, there's also the return of one of the most beloved movies of all-time to streaming, the longrunning reality competition series we can't get enough of, and two deliciously over-the-top offerings you will not be able to resist. So clear your schedule and start binge-watching...

Every TV Show on Peacock

If You Are Into Mythology-Based Shows That Will Likely Take Over Tumblr: 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford is back in action—literally—for Netflix in Cursed. Based on the YA graphic novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, Langford takes on the role of Nimue, the Lady of the Lake from the Arthur legend, in Cursed, which delivers a much-needed new take on the very-much-done Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table tale that puts a young woman front and center armed with the legendary sword. (Where to Watch: Netflix) 

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If You Are Missing Sports and Are Nervous About Running Out of Reality Shows to Watch: Anyone else have memories of having to wait right next to the TV to change the channel because their parents were coming up the stairs and they knew they weren't supposed to be watching MTV? No, just us? Moving on...

Anyway, the most recent season of MTV's The Challenge just wrapped up and we are sort of not exaggerating when we said it got us through quarantine. The 35th (!) season of the longrunning reality competition had it all: returning fan-favorites (Johnny Bananas, CT, Aneesa, Wes, Nany, etc.), exciting newbies (so many Big Brother alums and the first Survivor castaway to cross over), insane physical challenges, scandalous hookups, ridiculous fights and an epic conclusion (we have an interview with the winner right here). Fortunately, MTV renewed the series for a 36th season, so they can avoid the wrath of quitter-hating host TJ Lavin. Long live The Challenge, may it air forever! (Where to Watch: Philo)


If You Feel Like You Are Running Out of New Shows: Be honest, you've been a little concerned about the future of your favorite shows as many Hollywood sets have been impacted by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We have, too, which is why we're so excited for the launch of Peacock, NBCU's streaming service that launched on July 15.

If you're looking for your next drama obsession, check out Brave New World, which is based on Aldous Huxley's groundbreaking novel and stars a Game of Thrones star (Harry Lloyd), a Downton Abbey fan favorite (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), aka our new holy trinity. 

For a blast from the past that still feels fresh, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is for you. The cast of Psych is back in action for its highly anticipated second full-length feature film, with Shawn and Gus heading to Santa Barbara after Police Chief Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) is ambushed on the job and left for dead. Like putting on your favorite sweater for the first time in the fall, returning to Psych just feels cozy and familiar. (Where to Watch: Peacock)

Every Movie on Peacock

If You Are Fascinated By Child Stars: Listen, we all know usual tale of kid actors in Hollywood. But in Showbiz Kids, the insightful new documentary directed by Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure star Alex Winter, former child stars like Evan Rachel Wood, Mara Wilson Jada Pinkett Smith, Wil Wheaton, Todd Bridges and more share their experiences of growing up in the spotlight. (Where to Watch: HBO Max) 

If It's Still Not Over For You: Rejoice, The Notebook is finally back on streaming, so prepare to weep over how single you are Noah and Allie's love story all over again. And may we suggest checking out these secrets we revealed about the making of the iconic film, including the pop star who almost played Allie and Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' on-set feud. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

Every Movie on Peacock

If You Are Actually Getting Tired of Friends Re-Runs and Might Be Ready to Go on a Break: Peacock is here to help as David Schwimmer is returning to the comedy world in his new series for the streaming service, Intelligence. The workplace comedy is set in the UK's Government Communications Headquarters—think of a geekier, more bureaucratic version of MI5 and MI6, with Schwimmer's maverick NSA agent crossing the pond to join the team. (Where to Watch: Peacock)

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If You're Still Confused Over Why People Were Freaking Out Over Michael Jordan Eating Pizza a Few Weeks Ago: You know that mind-wipe device they used in Men in Black? We kind of wish we could borrow it to erase our memory of watching ESPN's stellar 10-installment docuseries The Last Dance, which documented Michael Jordan's incredible three-peats with the Chicago Bulls. You don't need to be a sports fan to enjoy the Real Housewives-energy displayed by the greatest athlete of all-time and his teammates. And thanks for the meme-ories, TLD! (Where to Watch: Netflix)


If You'd Like to Distract Your Kids For at Least an Hour So You Can Finally Watched Unsolved Mysteries in Peace: Peacock has two perfect (and iconic) distractions for you to put in your arsenal of kid-friendly entertainment. First, there's DreamWorks' Where's Waldo? brings the classic book to life with a twelve-year-old Waldo (Joshua Rush, The Lion Guard, Andi Mack) going on travel missions with his BFF Wenda (Haley Tju, Bella and the Bulldogs).

Next up is Curious George, an educational animated series targets preschool viewers and follows the adventures of everyone's favorite monkey and his insatiable curiosity to bring delightful antics, gentle humor and heartfelt emotion to each fun-filled episode. (Where to Watch: Peacock)

If "So Bad It's Good" Is Your Favorite Genre: Sure, it's specific but we all have those movies or TV shows we know aren't exactly good but we can't just quit. Prepare for two new potential entries this weekend, including Dark Desire, a Mexican series is a darker version of You, just with less humor and more eroticism. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

If you were obsessed with Beyonce's thriller Obsessed back in 2009 (Weren't we all though?) and are still scarred by that bunny scene in Fatal Attraction, then Fatal Affair is for you. Nia Long stars as a woman who cheats on her husband with an old friend, played by Omar Epps, who turns out to be far less friendly than she thought he was. Hide the bunnies! (Where to Watch: Netflix)

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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