Savannah Chrisley Clarifies Where She Stands With Nic Kerdiles After Postponing Wedding

Savannah Chrisley further set the record straight on her relationship with Nic Kerdiles.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 25, 2020 9:31 PMTags
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After explaining why she and Nic Kerdiles postponed their weddingSavannah Chrisley is further setting the record straight on her relationship. 

A week ago, the reality star shed some light on their decision to not tie the knot right now, telling fans on the Chrisley Confessions podcast, "We made [the decision] together. We both realized that things moved way too fast and we needed to go back to dating... I just knew we had to work on things on a different level. We had to dig deeper and it's hard. It's 2020 and you know what, it's okay not to follow the guidelines and the whole timeframe that everyone follows."

On Wednesday's episode of the podcast, Chrisley offered more context on how she and Kerdiles are today while simultaneously throwing shade at some unnamed prying people, apparently including an ex. 

"We're not these type of people to go against each other and to talk crap," she said of her and Kerdiles. "I am a firm believer that we both can say how we feel and we're never gonna turn our backs on each other, we're never gonna talk crap—that's not who we are, that's not who Nic is, that's not who I am, so if you're hoping that you can get some information out of him or me…"

Dad Todd Chrisley added, "You know how investigative minds want to know...If they spent as much time on their own marriage and relationships as they do everybody's in our family, they wouldn't have the issues that they have."

Savannah Chrisley's Faith Over Fear Line

Savannah continued, "For exes that just want to go out here and cause issues and talk crap…I'm flattered that you want to keep it going and keep talking…you're an ex for a reason."

While it remained unclear who exactly the father and daughter were referring to, Savannah pointed out that she made her relationship public and, as a result, people want to know about it.  


"I wish I had a clear cut answer for everyone because you know what, I've brought you into my life, I've shown you my personal life, so it's my responsibility to let you know where that stands, but when two people love each other and nothing bad has happened, it's not so clear cut. It's we're figuring it out."

She added, "I do want to let you guys in and, if there's something that I'm going through that I feel could help other women or men that are going through something similar, then I want to talk about it, but that will be on my timeframe."

Todd further noted that their issues were related to growing, not infidelity. 

As Savannah added, "It's involved both of us growing and career changes for Nic and me coming into myself and my career…like [Todd] said, it's all growing."

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