Jameela Jamil Says We Should "All Be Like Lizzo!" Find Out Why

By Alyssa Ray May 27, 2020 7:57 PMTags

It's safe to say that Jameela Jamil is a Lizzo fan.

On Wednesday, The Good Place alum virtually stopped by Daily Pop and opened up to E!'s own Erin Lim about her new HBO Max show Legendary, body neutrality and more. In fact, during this discussion, Jameela declared that the "Truth Hurts" artist's body positive nature is aspirational.

As E! readers surely know, the British-born actress is an advocate for body neutrality after struggles with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

"My body image held me back a lot in my life and that's because I was trained for it to do so by society, by media, by magazines, by people at school, by my family even," the I Weigh podcast founder explained to E!. "I can't do body positivity ‘cause it takes up still too much of my time! Stand there in front of the mirror and be like, ‘I love thighs! I love my cellulite!'"

Per Jameela, she's still "too body dysmorphic to be able to do that." Thus, she has chosen to stay neutral about her image.

"I'm neutral! I don't love my body, I don't hate my body," she shared.

Lizzo's Most Empowering Quotes

Nonetheless, Jameela has plenty of praise for Grammy-winning artist Lizzo for her self-love and body positivity.

"You know, Lizzo loves her body and I think that that's amazing," Jameela expressed. "She told me in an interview before that there was a time where Lizzo didn't love her body. And so, there's hope for everyone to be able to eventually come to that point of acceptance and adoration."

Before concluding this praise, she added, "And may we all be like Lizzo in our lives!"

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Speaking of self-acceptance, Jameela praised Legendary for not only sharing "the talent and the glitter and the fabulosity," but for also showcasing how the underground ballroom community is a family.

"A lot of these people were kids when they got kicked out of their homes, ‘cause their families didn't accept them because of their sexuality or gender," Jameela noted. "And so, because of that, they've had to go out and find new families. It's a culture unlike any other!"

Furthermore, Jameela gushed that Legendary sheds light on the "really iconic and thriving and warm and loving side of ballroom."

The TV personality serves as a judge alongside Megan Thee Stallion, Leiomy Maldonado and Law Roach. Pose's Dashaun Wesley is the Legendary emcee.

You can watch Legendary on HBO Max now.

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