Wells Adams Jokes "It's Over" Between Him and Sarah Hyland After Hilarious Puzzle War

Wells Adams joked that he's single following a heated puzzle debacle with Sarah Hyland.

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Wells Adams joked that "it's over" between him and Sarah Hyland following a heated puzzle debacle. 

While staying in, the Bachelor Nation star had been working on an intricate puzzle with his fiancé—only to find that the last piece was missing. Taking to social media to voice his upset, he shared a picture of the puzzle in his Instagram Stories and wrote, "The hits keep coming." Much to his surprise, the Modern Family star had hidden the piece.

"You f--king stole the piece?" he yelled as he jokingly scolded Sarah in his next Story. "What is wrong with you?! Why would you do that?!"

Hysterically laughing over the Bachelorette alum's reaction, Sarah tried to reason with Wells, but he just wasn't having it. Instead of hearing her out, he exclaimed, "You don't understand how much pain I've been in right now. That's it. We are broken up. It's over."

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Once things calmed down, Sarah retrieved the missing piece and helped her hubby-to-be finish the puzzle. "Yay! We did the puzzle," she quipped in Wells' next Story as she put the last piece in its place. Still holding a grudge, he wrote, "@sarahhyland is the worst."

Aside from his intense puzzling, Wells has been keeping busy with some movie marathons. After finishing his puzzle, he kicked back and watched The Hobbit. Sarah, on the other hand, dug up her old dancing shoes and walked her fans down memory lane on her Instagram Stories.

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Reflecting on their relationship, Sarah gave Wells a sweet shout-out on Instagram ahead of their social distancing: "Taken a week before we self-quarantined. Grateful to have a life partner like @wellsadams amidst these frightening times. Keep those you cherish safe and home."

Poking fun, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender shared a post of his own to honor his girlfriend, writing, "How many more days in quarantine till she kills me?"

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