Work(out) From Home: Erin Lim's Trainer Shares the Equipment-Free Circuit That Will Tone All Over

E! News' own Erin Lim shows off the exact workout she crushes on the regular—no gym necessary!

By Sarah Grossbart Mar 22, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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Welcoming to Erin Lim's show. Nope, not The Rundown. We're talking about the gun show. 

"If y'all need something else to call Erin," longtime trainer Hannah Joy tells E! News of her dedicated client, "her name at the gym is Guns Lim." So now you know. Joked Lim, "That's what they call me in these streets, so, uh, change your phone book."

For those, uh, gunning for their own nickname and the sculpted arms (and legs, booty and core) to match, Joy has agreed to walk E! News through the circuit training session she uses on Lim. One that, conveniently, in this era of gym closures and social distancing, requires neither equipment nor heavy lifting. 

Sweatin' With the Stars

Joy and Lim put in the work with just a hand towel and a bench. (Though the latter can be swapped with a couch, chair or anything elevated.) But what this routine lacks in complicated machinery it more than makes up for in sweat and sculpting potential. Plus, the all-important mental health angle, says Lim, "This is good for your sanity!" 

So grab a kitchen towel (why not wash your hands while you're in there, too) and follow along with the video above. Once you've crushed all eight moves, take a breather (maybe wash your hands?) and then repeat two to three more times. 

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Split Lunge
Stand in front of a bench (or couch, chair or any willing participant) and place right foot on top, heel up. Hold the towel taut in each hand. Step left foot forward and lunge—keeping your knee above your ankle. At the bottom of the lunge, raise arms above your head and back down before straightening legs. Do 15 reps on each side.

Split Jumps
Starting in a lunge position with the right leg forward, push off the ground to jump into the air, landing with the left leg forward. Continue for 30 seconds. (Social distancing high five optional.)

In and Out Squats
Holding the towel in front of you while standing, lower into a narrow squat position. Stepping right foot out without straightening your legs, move into a wide squat. Bring right foot back into the narrow squat, then step left foot out into a wide squat position. Make sure to keep pulling the towel taut to work the upper body as well. Or try Joy's modification. Continue for 40 seconds.

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Static Squat With Row
Without straightening from the narrow squat position, lower towel toward your knees, row elbows back, bringing towel to chest, straighten arms and then raise back above your head. Do 12 reps.

Crap Dips
Consider this your active recovery. Sit with legs in front of you knees bent, hands behind with fingers pointing toward your butt. Keeping feet flat on the ground, push up off your hands. Bend arms to dip down and push back up reaching right hand to left foot. Continue, alternating hands and feet, for 40 seconds.

Reverse Tabletop
Without lowering your butt back to the floor, straighten arms into a tabletop position. Hold for 30 seconds.

Lie down flat on stomach, then lift both arms and legs off the ground. "Swim" arms and legs up and down for 30 seconds. "This is great all-over," says Joy. "Your core and your back are really getting strengthened through this movement, but also that booty."

Plank Seesaw
Push up into a plank position with forearms flat on the ground, legs straight behind you. Then shift your body forward and backward—maintaining a straight back. Do 15 reps.

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Ready to pump things up a bit? Try snagging some 5- and 10-pound weights, a mini band and hop on the Internet. "If you want more home workouts, you can definitely check out Hannah on IG," says Lim. Or head to her website

And once you've conquered Lim's moves, feel free to switch it by giving Blake Lively's cardio routine and Kim Kardashian's go-to booty exercises for a whirl. 

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