Is Jay Cutler Coming Out of Retirement? See Kristin Cavallari's Reaction to the Career Update

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Watch: Kristin Opens 2nd Uncommon James: "Very Cavallari" RECAP (S3, Ep11)

A dream come true.

On tonight's season 3 finale of Very Cavallari, viewers went behind-the-scenes with Kristin Cavallari as she opened up her second Uncommon James store. There was a lot riding on the opening of this brick-and-mortar location as Kristin declared she wouldn't do another store if the Chicago location failed.

"Chicago has to do well," Kristin informed her longtime publicist, Jack Ketsoyan. "This is a defining moment for the brand, I feel like. Because, if Chicago can do well than sky's the limit...If Chicago doesn't do well, I'm not gonna open any other stores."

Per Kristin, if the store didn't succeed, that would be "a massive embarrassment." Despite Kristin's many nerves, her second location turned out beautifully, which brought the lifestyle mogul to tears.

Not only was The Hills veteran blown away by the beauty of the store, she felt the displays elevated her jewelry to "another level." In typical Kristin fashion, she joked off her tears by calling herself "a f--king baby."

"This second store has been a dream for so long that it's, honestly, hard to believe that it's actually here," the reality star turned businesswoman declared later on. "This is real. Uncommon James has its second set of doors, which is incredible."

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In fact, the store turned out "so much better than [she] even could've imagined." Kristin went on to celebrate this success by having a friends and family pre-opening party.

"Welcome to the second store that Uncommon James has ever opened here in Chicago. Not only did I live here when I was younger, in Barrington with my mom, but this is where Jay and I fell in love," the mother of three shared. "Also, all three of our kids were born here, so the thought of opening doors here was a no brainer for me."

Although Kristin's mic gave out halfway through her speech, she was able to power through to thank her closest friends and family.

"I couldn't do any of this without your support. So, truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much," Kristin added. "Cheers! And, I appreciate you guys being here."

The next day, at the ribbon cutting for the new store, Kristin was greeted by the "longest line [she's] ever seen.

"The fact that all these people came out to see Uncommon James—I don't even know what to say," the Laguna Beach alum stated to the Very Cavallari camera. "I'm truly speechless. It's the most incredible feeling in the world."

Once back in Nashville, Kristin had a heart-to-heart with husband Jay Cutler about what's next for their future. As was revealed in the episode, Jay had met with a few networks to discuss broadcasting opportunities at NFL games.

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While Jay revealed his meetings "went well," he noted that one network was interested in him doing in-studio coverage. This wasn't an ideal offer for Jay, as he wanted to be doing coverage at the games.

"Jay's been talking to a bunch of networks about potentially doing broadcasting for some NFL games and I'm a little worried about how it's gonna affect a good work-life balance," the E! personality relayed. "But, I think it would be really nice for him to have something to be excited about. And I know that he misses football and that comradery, so I'm sure that would be nice for him to experience that again."

Thankfully, the former NFL quarterback was also worried about messing with the status quo at home.

"We just kind of figured out the new dynamic," the retired American athlete expressed. "And then now, all of sudden, I would be gone. You're all in for four months."


This wasn't the only potential shake-up that Kristin faced as longtime Uncommon James employee Brittainy Taylor revealed she was contemplating leaving the company. According to Brittainy, the rapid changes in the company and the feeling of being under-utilized left her uncertain about her future.

"I never thought that I would see the day that Brittainy may not want to be a part of Uncommon James," Kristin concluded. "I really thought that she was gonna be with me forever. This kills me, it really does."

Regardless, Kristin encouraged Brittainy to really think about what she wanted.

Will Jay come out of retirement? Will Brittainy leave Uncommon James? We guess, only time will tell.

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