Jackie Aina Is "Shook" By Beauty Vlogger Drama That's Only Getting "Crazier"

Jackie Aina is “shook” by all the beauty vlogger drama that keeps getting “crazier and crazier.” Hear what the YouTube star has to say on Just the Sip.

By Mike Vulpo Feb 26, 2020 9:43 PMTags

Jackie Aina is interested in serving up looks—not drama.

As the YouTube star continues to change the standard of beauty one video at a time, it's hard to ignore all the drama amongst vloggers and bloggers.

While Jackie has tried to stay out of any controversy, she couldn't help but address all the headlines in E!'s digital series Just the Sip.

"I feel like it's progressively gotten crazier and crazier in the past four years and I don't know. I don't know what the catalyst for that was," she told E! News' Justin Sylvester exclusively. "If you're shook, we're in this and we're shook too."

Jackie continued, "It gets messy and you know, I'm 32 so for YouTube—I know this is going to sound very dramatic—but for YouTube, that's a little older so a lot of people who are considered my peers are 10 sometimes even 15 years younger than me. I'm like, ‘Let's talk it out.' Every time I've tried to be the bigger person and talk about those things, it's just been like okay so this was just like not really what it was."

From Jackie's point of view, some people really are "attention obsessed" and it's not just in the beauty space.

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"That's just the wave of social media in general is that people just love that attention," she explained. "That's why they're there and people say things sometimes just for the reaction. I swear I feel like some people like to be canceled."

Ultimately, Jackie is proud of what she has been able to create online. Her 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube are treated to new videos Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And believe it or not, Jackie says she was the first female beauty vlogger of color to reach one million followers on YouTube.

"When I had a million on YouTube, there was literally no one darker than tan that had ever done that before on YouTube in the beauty world," she shared. "Even if it wasn't me, I just need to see that as possible. Some black women just need to see that it can be done and if they aren't seeing it, they're not going to believe in themselves. They're not going to have that inner motivation….If we don't get an example, then how are we going to break down that barrier ourselves?"

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And if you ask Jackie, the beauty vlogger you're watching doesn't have to look like you.

"If I'm teaching you how to contour, if you already know the colors you're going to use, I'm teaching you the technique," she shared. "You're watching me for my personality."

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