Shia LaBeouf Reveals How the Even Stevens Team Helped Him Score His First Kiss

Shia LaBeouf's first kiss was an onscreen one on the set of Even Stevens. To learn how the producers helped make it happen, click here

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Shia LaBeouf's first kiss was one he'll never forget. 

The now 33-year-old actor shared the on-screen smooch on the set of Even Stevens. The Louis Stevens star recalled the memorable moment in an interview with W Magazine published Friday.

"The producers knew I had a crush on this girl, and they wrote a scene where we kissed," he told the magazine about his first peck. "I was nervous. I matured late that way."

LaBeouf didn't reveal the name of his childhood crush. However, there was a season three episode called "The Kiss" in which Louis kissed Margo Harshman's character Tawny Dean. There was also an episode called "Beans on the Brain" in which he kissed Spencer Redford, who played the cousin of Steven Anthony Lawrence's character Beans.

This wasn't LaBeouf's last on-screen kiss. The Disney celeb also puckered up with Dakota Johnson for the movie Peanut Butter Falcon. In fact, he cited the 30-year-old actress when asked to list his best on-screen kiss during a round of Ellen DeGeneres' "Burning Questions" game. Well, sort of. After DeGeneres asked him about a lie he told recently as a follow-up question, LaBeouf said, "I just told one, just now. The question right before."

It's certainly been a busy time for LaBeouf. In addition to acting in Peanut Butter Falcon, LaBeouf starred in Honey Boy. In fact, he was named Breakthrough Screenwriter for the film at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards. 

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And speaking of reminiscing, fellow cover star Scarlett Johansson also discussed her experience as a child actor with the publication. 

"When I was 9-years-old, working on a film called Just Cause with Laurence Fishburne," she recalled, "we were traveling on a plane somewhere for the film, and he said to me, 'Do you want to be an actor or do you want to be a movie star?' I didn't know what the difference was. I felt like, You can be both, right? And I realized then that you have to keep pushing further and further to stretch yourself to uncomfortable places. If your end goal is to be a movie star, well, that's different than acting.

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