LOL! Psychic Matt Fraser Gets Blindsided With News of Mom Angela's Upcoming Move

The Meet the Frasers psychic is taken aback while learning his mother is moving back to Rhode Island!

By Alyssa Ray Jan 10, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Psychic Didn't See This One Coming

Matt Fraser didn't see this one coming.

In this clip from Monday's series premiere of Meet the Frasers, the psychic medium learns that his mother Angela is moving back to Rhode Island. Despite Fraser's psychic ability, he is blindsided with this news by sister Maria Fraser.

"Well Matthew, psychic, I know something you don't know," Maria gleefully states. "Mom's moving back to Rhode Island."

While Maria is more than thrilled by this update, Matt and his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis are totally in denial. Even though Matt notes "there's no way" Angela's relocating to the Ocean State, Maria happily confirms she'll no longer be living with their mom.

"I'll be staying in the family house in Boston," Maria shares in a confessional. "I'll be waving them off, like they used to do back in the day with the white handkerchief. 'Goodbye! I won't miss you!'"

Understandably, as Angela tends to ignore boundaries, Matt and Alexa struggle to accept the truth.

"It's very hard to think a happy thought right now," a stressed Alexa relays. "I'm freaking out."

Maria further antagonizes the Meet the Frasers couple by revealing that Angela is "moving right down the street."

"I mean, like seven minutes from your house," Maria boasts. "Mom's gonna be coming back and cleaning up the house and getting it ready."

As Matt begins to realize this move is really happening, he admits he is "scared" by all of this.

"Dead people don't scare me. My mother moving back to Rhode Island? That scares me," Fraser expresses to the Meet the Frasers camera. "The more I try to get away, the more she tries to suck on."

For those itching for a Meet the Frasers first look, you can catch the new E! series' first two episodes on VOD, TVE, YouTube and

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