Jeffree Star's Designer Closet Clean-Out Is Something You Have to See to Believe

Jeffree Star takes the cameras with him as he and workers clear out the piles upon piles of designer clothing as he prepares for move to mega-mansion

By Cydney Contreras Dec 14, 2019 1:23 AMTags

Jeffree Star is having a serious case of buyer's remorse.

Over the years, the YouTuber's amassed a massive amount of wealth and invested it in countless things like his cosmetics business, Berkins and other designer items. So it's no surprise his home is practically overflowing with pricey goods. In fact, Jeffree's home was feeling so packed, he decided it was time to pack up shop and move to an even bigger mansion.  

But moving to a new home means that he has to decide which items he's taking with him and which items he's giving to a new owner. Thankfully, he has some help from the professionals at The Real Real, a luxury consignment store that strictly specializes in designer goods. Together, they went through closet after closet and packed up thousands of dollars-worth of clothing and accessories amounting to what Jeffree says is only "75 percent" of his clothing, all of which can be perused when they list them on their website.

He documented the entire process in a YouTube video titled "Cleaning Out Our ENTIRE Messy House," which is basically 20-minutes of jealousy-inducing footage. 

Inside Jeffree Star's $14.6 Million Mansion

In the video, Jeffree explains why he has so much clothing, some it never worn, and why he struggles with parting ways with it. "I think maybe sometimes I have like a struggle in my head, like coming from nothing, of like, 'Oh my god I got to hoard everything,' or 'I dont want to let it go', or I'm like, 'Oh my god, I spent money, all my hard earned work,'" he shares. "But I'm in a different head-space. So much has happened this year, I'm ready to clean, I'm ready to get rid of stuff and if I'm never going to wear any of this stuff again, why just let it sit? Let someone else enjoy it. So, let's get rid of it all."

Although, don't take that literally. He kept some things that had sentimental value for him, including a bomber jacket he wore in a video from 2017 and an Ugg bathroom he just wasn't to say goodbye to.

Some of the items he was willing to sell were a classic Celine bag that's since been discontinued, a $12,500 Gucci jacket and so many dresses from Balmain. And that's just the tip of the designer iceberg. 

In all, Jeffree describes this process as "a little haunting" and a "little weird," but something he needed to go through. "I don't buy clothes like that anymore, I actually wear everything I buy," he says.



As he and Nathan move to their new home, Jeffree says he hopes to have more "clarity and cleanliness" in their life. The guru adds, "It feels like when you come home and there's s--t everywhere, it just makes you feel kind of anxious." This is totally believable considering he's using what appears to be Hermes boxes as a TV stand. 

Plus, there will be a bit more privacy in their new $14.6 million mega-mansion. He says he's looking forward to moving to the community where everyone "keeps to themselves."

To see Jeffree's glamorous closet clean-out, check out the video above. 

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