Dr. Terry Dubrow Pitches an "Unconventional" and "Weird" Surgical Plan to Fix Michelle's Drooping Breasts

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Before the doctors intervened, Michelle's boobs were dragging her down—literally!

On Monday's all-new Botched, the California resident turned to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif for help regarding her drooping breasts. Not only did Michelle describe her boobs as "cow udders," but she claimed they hung down to her belly button.

So, how did Michelle end up in this situation? After having her two children, Michelle's breasts changed forever. Thus, she decided to undergo a mommy makeover.

Unfortunately, her then surgeon gave her massive implants, which were not the desired C-cup/D-cup she had hoped for.

"I was completely unhappy," Michelle informed the docs during a consultation. "Started gaining weight and got really depressed."

According to the new patient, she gained 120 pounds before opting for a gastric sleeve. Sadly, this procedure also had a disastrous result as she went "septic."

Specifically, Michelle had a leak into her abdominal cavity of intestinal content.

"I almost died," Michelle informed Dubrow and Nassif. "I'm all healed now."

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Although Dr. Dubrow was eager to help Michelle acquire the breasts she always wanted, he was concerned about her tissue thickness.

"The thinner the tissue, the more dangerous this is," Heather Dubrow's husband warned.

Within the exam room, the 61-year-old surgeon did a transilluminate technique to determine Michelle's tissue thickness. Almost immediately, Dr. Dubrow was able to determine that the patient had extremely thin breast tissue.

"Michelle's skin on her breasts are some of the thinnest skin that I've ever seen," Dr. Nassif commented in a confessional. "Literally, she only has a few millimeters supplying blood to her breasts."

Due to the multiple risks, Dr. Dubrow suggested an "unconventional" and "weird" surgery plan.

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"Before my surgery, my breasts looked like cow udders. They were large and heavy and they hung down to my belly button," Michelle relayed post-surgery. "But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, my boobs are lifted and off of my stomach and they look amazing."

Michelle wasn't the only happy patient on tonight's Botched. Erika sought out Dr. Nassif's expertise after multiple rhinoplasties left her with a misshapen nose.

"My nose looks bulky, nice and wide and you can see my nostrils," Erika detailed to the Botched camera. "And I have a huge scar on my left side."

The Texas resident received her first rhinoplasty as a "sweet 15" present in order to fix her "pig nose." However, after Erika noticed a dent forming in her nose post-surgery, the new patient underwent several corrective surgeries.


In the exam room, Erika expressed a desire to have a nose similar to her mother's long nose. Since Erika's skin lacked elasticity, Dr. Nassif warned that elongating the nose could compromise the blood supply and cause the skin to die.

"If you're willing to take the risk, I'm willing to take the risk," Brittany Pattakos' man noted.

Despite the warning, Erika declared that she was ready to go under the knife. During the surgery, Nassif and his team used rib bone, grafts and microdermabrasion to reconstruct the nose.

Unsurprisingly, the surgery was a success and Erika walked away with her dream nose.

"Thanks to Dr. Nassif, my nose is longer, it's more narrow and you can't see into," Erika proudly stated after her surgery.

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