Dr. Nassif Had Surgery?! See Terry Dubrow's Reaction When He Learns About His Colleague's Recent Facelift

By Emily Mae Czachor Nov 04, 2019 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Dr. Nassif Blames Dr. Dubrow for "Flying Squirrel" Face Lift

Notice anything different about Dr. Paul Nassif?

"You know when you call me a flying squirrel and you grab my neck?" the rhinoplasty specialist asks colleague Terry Dubrow in this hilarious clip from tonight's Botched season premiere (as fans of the surgical transformation series are well aware, Dr. Dubrow gets a real kick out of poking fun at his partner and does so pretty frequently). Re-directing Dubrow's attention to his iPad screen, Nassif encourages him to "take a look."

"You had surgery? You had surgery?!" shouts Dubrow, examining a series of iPad photos that picture Paul in post-op, fresh off the OR table and sporting a wraparound facial bandage. "Are you f--king kidding me?"

Those who've forgotten the "flying squirrel" incident are given an opportunity to jog their memories in the new clip, which flashes back to a previous conference room exchange wherein Dubrow does grab hold of Nassif's joules while likening him to the silly-sounding woodland creature. But perhaps that was the last of his jibes.

Try Not to Laugh Challenge: "Botched" Edition

"I just went and had a deep plane facelift less than 24 hours ago," Nassif explains in a video taken after the procedure. As for the motivation behind it? "Terry keeps making fun of me with that neck..." he continues.

"Oh, you blamed me for your facelift!" laughs Dubrow, who clearly did not see any of this coming and doesn't sound like he wants to assume culpability for it, either. 

"I'd tell you to grow thicker skin, but I don't want to be responsible for your next surgical procedure," he cracks. Modern medicine is a trip, folks.

See Nassif's hysterical unveiling in the clip above!

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