Demi Moore Reveals Which Of Her Male Co-Stars Didn’t Deserve a Higher Paycheck

The Inside Out author dropped a major bombshell while playing "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with James Corden on Wednesday night.

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Demi Moore is still dropping jaw-dropping revelations weeks after the release of he bombshell her memoir.

During an appearance on Wednesday's The Late Late Show, the actress sat down with host James Corden to play an epic round of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." While the gruesome game was simple—either spill the tea or take a bite out of some of the grossest food on the market—the outcome was shocking. 

"You are viewed as a pioneer for equal pay for women in Hollywood," Corden said to his guest.  "Who is an actor you've worked with who got paid more money than you that didn't deserve to?" 

"Oh, oh," the superstar, 56, quipped. "Where do I start the list?" (Refresher: Throughout her decades-long career, Moore has starred alongside the likes of Patrick Swayze, Michael Douglas, Woody Harrelson and many more.)

She mulled over her options before teasing, "Okay, I don't know if I could say he didn't deserve. That's not necessarily up to me to say."

Should Demi Moore Spill These Intimate Details?

Alas, Corden pressed her to respond. And rather than throw back a shot of the hottest hot sauce, she caved: "I'd say Bruce Willis." Gasp!

Beside being her co-star in 1991's Mortal Thoughts, he's also Moore's ex-husband and the father of her daughters RumerScout and Tallulah Willis.

But there was no shade here. After all, the duo are still on amicable terms—and Moore quickly tried to take back her answer, saying, "No, I can't say that he didn't deserve it," she said.

But a confused Corden wouldn't let that happen. "Well," he quipped, "Then you're not answering the question!" So, rather than give her real response, Moore downed that hot shot.

For his part, Corden avoided drinking a mayonnaise, cheese curd and soy sauce smoothie (gag) by revealing the most disappointing guest he's had on the show: rapper Rick Ross.

Check out the video to find out why and to hear Moore reveal which movie of hers she feels is the worst.

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