Jessica Biel, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crudup's Old School Car Commercial Will Make You LOL

Celebs teamed up for a hysterical installment of "Cue Card Cold Open" on The Tonight Show.

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Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Biel, Billy Crudup, The Tonight Show

Remember that time Jessica Biel, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crudup starred in a car commercial together?

The trio teamed up for an installment of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon's "Cue Card Cold Read," an improv-styled sketch where guests read never-before-seen cue cards while pretending to film a commercial for a fictitious company.

This time around, Fallon had Biel and Crudup play employees of JJB Autos, a used car dealership from the early '90s. Decked out in bold ensembles and some old school wigs, Biel, Fallon, and Crudup did their best to deliver their lines without breaking—which proved to be a difficult feat as the segment progressed.

"Chrysler, Jeep and Honda," Biel began. "Those are the names for each toe on my right foot."

Next up was Crudup, who didn't seem like the most credible car salesman.

"I don't have my driver's license," The Morning Show star told the camera. "But that hasn't stopped me from getting behind the wheel. And it shouldn't stop you. No license, no problem. But, if you're a cop, you gotta kiss me."

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Then, the three came together and things took a hilarious turn.

Fallon kicked things off: "If you don't buy a car from me, my wife will leave me for a karate instructor."

"And you know who his wife's karate instructor is," Biel teased. "My son."

"And her son," Crudup said. "Is me, and I'm horny as hell."

Biel later expressed her love for the segment and her retro outfit Instagram, writing, "@jimmyfallon sent me back to the 80s tonight and honestly? Didn't hate it. Watch us TRY and keep a straight face on @fallontonight!!!" 

Watch Biel, Fallon, and Crudup do their best to sell cars in the video above! 

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