Kelly Ripa's House Alarm Totally Busted Her Daughter's Rooftop Party

The host told Jimmy Kimmel the hilarious story of how she caught Lola Consuelos red-handed during her first weekend of college.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' kids refuse to leave the nest.

During a Tuesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Brooklyn, Kelly griped with host Jimmy Kimmel about her two eldest kidsLola Consuelos, 18, and Michael Consuelos, 22, attending New York University. She felt each of them should venture out of their hometown New York City for college, but as she explained, "They were, both of them, adamant for different reasons why they wanted to go to NYU."

Her and Mark's compromise, Kelly explained, was that the kids could attend NYU, as long as they didn't come home too frequently. "Your dad and I need to rediscover each other," she joked. But neither Michael nor Lola could make it one weekend without going back to their parents' place.

"Michael, we drop him off freshman year," she said. "Drop him off at his dorm, we have lunch together, we look at each other, we say, 'We did it. We have a child in college. We did it! Oh my gosh.'"

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"We come home—it's about 10 minutes away," she continued. "We come home, walk through the front door, he is standing in the hallway."

A few years later, Lola would pull a similar move, but with a twist.

"My daughter says the opposite," the Live with Kelly and Ryan host shared. "'You don't even need to drop me off.' She jumped out of a moving cab when we took her to her dorm. 'You won't see me. I won't be back. You don't have to worry. Maybe I'll be home for Thanksgiving, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll do other things.'" Other things like...throw a house party when mom and dad are away?

"So, we drop her off on a Saturday," Kelly continued. "It is the end of summer vacation, so we go back out to Long Island for the rest of the summer. Drop her off on a Saturday. Sunday evening, our alarm trips. My daughter's having a party on the roof of our house! She was gone 12 hours and came home." Oh, Lola.

So, what was the 49-year-old's biggest takeaway from these two stories? Never let her youngestJoaquin Consuelos, 16, go to college in the Big Apple.

"He's not allowed to even apply to NYU," she quipped.

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