Why Rihanna's Collaboration Wish List Is Full of Girl Power

The singer discusses the 2019 Diamond Ball and her potential plans for new music

By Cydney Contreras Sep 14, 2019 12:00 AMTags
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Rumor has it Rihanna is set to release new music in December.

So what can fans expect? Well, according to reports, the project is a dancehall inspired album. But, so far, that and the December release date is all that is known. 

However, Ri-Ri tells E! News at the 2019 Diamond Ball that she does hope to work with a long list of artistic women in the near future. "There are a lot of people that want to collaborate with me but there are also a lot of people I want to collaborate with myself. My waitlist is probably really long as well," she shares. "Lizzo is at the top of my list, Gwen Stefani, I love Cardi B and, of course, a ton of guys."

But those men remain unnamed for a simple reason: they aren't a priority for her. The Fenty designer explains, "Those are the girls, because I don't collaborate with girls very often so I think at the top of my list right now are women."

And there's no doubt that those artists would love to perform with Rihanna too. For the past few months, Lizzo has been actively campaigning for the opportunity to collaborate with her idol. She previously told E! News, "Rihanna is incredible, it's like I've always wanted to be friends with Rihanna. Like, who don't want to be friends with Rihanna?"

Meanwhile, the Internet continues to hound Rihanna for new music. They even managed to turn a pregnancy rumor into a demand for an album. On Friday, a Twitter user shared, "rihanna is pregnant??? the baby's name is probably album cuz we never gonna see it lmfao."

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