A 90 Day Fiancé Couple Keeps Talking Divorce, So Who's Still Together?

Paul and Karine have hit a rough patch on The Other Way

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90 Day Fiancé has produced its fair share of happy endings. Yes, that's surprising given the show is all about people moving to a foreign country, usually after meeting online, and getting married within three months. But, for every Russ and Paola, there's a Colt and Larissa. Not every story ends well.

In season one of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which is about Americans going to another country, 90 Day veterans Paul and Karine have hit quite the rough patch. Originally from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days seasons one and two, Paul and Karine moved over to The Other Way Paul decided to move to Brazil after marrying Karine, who later became pregnant.

However, a translation error put a snag in his visa application and the country of Brazil thinks he's a convicted terrorist (he said he was really just charged with terroristic threats in the US after he said he was going to slit somebody's tires).

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Recent episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way have featured Paul and Karine fighting over Karine's conversations with American men who send her money. After a fight, he went to a hotel and she left with her mom on a five-day boat trip back to their other apartment and told her mother she wanted to get the ball rolling on a divorce. Paul soon followed and instead of making amends, which a very pregnant Karine was ready to do, they fought more.

Where do they stand? That remains to be seen. See the status of other 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day cast members below. We'll update the status of 90 Day: The Other Way couples after the season ends.

Patrick and Myriam (Season 1)

Status: Broken up...well, never really together

After meeting online, Patrick flew to Paris to meet Myriam in person, only to discover she had a boyfriend. He left Paris in the friend zone. "I started my business. I have a YouTube channel, and I continue to do interviews in the world of music. I focus more on my professional life than sentimental," Myriam told E! News in a statement.

They reconnected over video chat and Patrick said when the coronavirus pandemic was over, Myriam had a trip to Las Vegas to visit.

Cortney and Antonio (Season 1)

Status: Broken up

Cortney flew to Spain to meet model Antonio after they met online. Once there, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing and they called it quits. Now Antonio is an actor in Shanghai and Cortney is traveling the world. "I have backpacked about 40 countries and several states. I want to share my experience and give travel tips on IG & YouTube. I volunteer, tutor, babysit, self-teach Spanish and JavaScript, cook, gym, date, hangout with friends & family, binge watch Netflix and try to keep up with the Kardashians," Cortney said.

Sean and Abby (Season 1)

Status: Broken up

Sean and Abby met on a dating site, and despite the over 20-year age difference, they met in Haiti and instantly faced drama with an ex-boyfriend in the picture. Despite all this, they got engaged, but they split after the season one reunion. Abby has since moved to England and married.

Larry and Jenny (Season 1)

Status: Married

Larry made his way to the Philippines to meet Jenny in the first season. After their time together, Larry proposed. After a lengthy visa process, Jenny made her way to Florida and the two have since married. They're appearing in the 90 Day digital show What Now? and recently showed up on Self-Quarantined.

Dacey and Jesse (Season 1 and 2)

Status: Broken up

Things were...passionate between Darcey and Jesse. They loved hard and fought hard. After two seasons, they called it quits. At the reunion, they hugged it out. Darcey revealed she was dating another foreigner. According to his Instagram, Jesse is traveling as an actor, entrepreneur and speaker.

Paul and Karine (Seasons 1 and 2)

Status: Married

It's been quite a journey for Paul and Karine. The two stuck it out through issues regarding language barriers, trust and distance, and are now the parents to a baby boy, Pierre Martins Staehle. Cameras followed them before and after the birth of their son on 90 Day: The Other Way and Happily Ever After?.

Tarik and Hazel (Season 2)

Status: Engaged

Tarik—and his brother—traveled to the Philippines to meet Hazel in season two. Despite the drama, and there was a lot of drama involving the brother and Hazel's reluctance to be intimate with Tarik, he proposed. They're still posting about each other on social media and appear to be going strong.

Rachel and Jon (Season 2 )

Status: Married

Rachel and Jon, who met on a karaoke app, got hitched during Before the 90 Days season two, but are still living apart. They're still together, just long distance. They've started the visa process, saving enough money to meet the deadline. They have a joint Instagram account where they discuss their relationship.

Ricky and Ximena (Season 2)

Status: Broken up

Ricky traveled to Colombia to meet somebody else. When that fell through, he turned to Ximena. When she found it? Well, she wasn't very happy. However, he still proposed and she accepted. But things fizzled and the engagement was off. Ricky briefly got back together with his ex-wife.

Angela and Michael (Season 2 and 3)

Status: Engaged

After a rocky end to season two, Angela and Michael were back together for season three...even if they continued to fight. The season ended with Angela hopeful her daughter will donate an egg for her to "tote" so she and Michael can have a kid. They appeared in 90 Day proper, but Michael's visa was denied. Will they find happiness on Happily Ever After? season five?

Benjamin and Akinyi (Season 3)

Status: Married in Kenya

Benjamin's surprise marriage (that's not legal in the United States) left his family shocked. However, he's still committed and said he plans to return to Kenya when Akinyi gets her visa interview. And he'll finish paying the dowry, when he can...

On Self-Quarantined, the two discussed how the plans for Akinyi's interview at the embassy were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Avery and Omar (Season 3)

Status: Married

With the travel ban in place, this young married couple don't really know what to do with themselves. There is still talk about moving to Dubai to being together, should Omar not be able to come to America.

Rebecca and Zied (Season 3)

Status: Engaged...possibly married?

Rebecca revealed she filed both her divorce papers regarding her ex-husband and the visa papers for Zied to come to the United States. At the reunion, she said she planned to visit him in Tunisia. On What Now? viewers learned his K-1 visa was approved. Rumors have swirled that they have wed already.

Timothy and Jeniffer (Season 3)

Status: Broken up?

After a rocky first meeting, these two said they were still committed to the relationship and there were plans in motion to get Jeniffer to visit Timothy in the United States...even if he gave her a ring that once belonged to his ex. Since the show and a series of fights, Timothy said he hasn't spoken to Jeniffer in months.

Caesar and Maria (Season 3)

Status: Broken up

While it's up for debate whether they were really a couple, Caesar did his best to win Maria back at the reunion. It didn't work, but she wished him happiness. On Self-Quarantined, Caesar revealed he flew to the Ukraine and met Maria. They spent some time together, but Maria erased all of the photos. He's since moved on.

Darcey and Tom (Season 3, 4)

Status: Broken up

After striking out with Jesse in the first two seasons, Darcey set her sights on Tom. They had a rocky couple of weeks together, but at the season three reunion they seemed sort of together? It didn't last. The couple returned for season four and officially ended things.

Ed and Rosemarie (Season 4)

Status: Broken up

After a number of foot-in-mouth moments, like telling Rosemarie she had bad breath and needed to shave her legs, Rosemarie left Ed in a hotel room when he revealed he didn't want to have more kids. At the season four reunion, the two got into it with a lot of he-said/she-said allegations.

Stephanie and Erika (Season 4)

Status: Broken up

The first same-sex couple on the franchise didn't mesh well in person when Stephanie visited Erika in Australia. Fights over trust issues peppered their time together and they weren't able to overcome them.

Avery and Ash (Season 4)

Status: Broken up

Despite Avery leaving Australia ready for the next steps with Ash, the two split. They previously broke up three times over their nine months as a digital couple, so are you surprised?

Yolanda and Williams (Season 4)

Status: Never really together?

Let's be clear: Yolanda was catfished. She never met Williams, or saw what he really looked like, but she did spend seven months talking to somebody she claimed to be in love with.

Lisa and Usman (Season 4)

Status: Married...for now?

Baby Love Lisa and Usman became engaged over video chat and wed in Nigeria, despite countless fights and culture clashes. Since the wedding and Lisa's return to America, they have blocked each other and fought on social media a number of times.

David and Lana (Season 4)

Status: Engaged?

Lana is real! David's fifth attempt at meeting Lana was successful. He gave her an iPhone, which she won't use because of her nails, he said, so they continue to communicate on the paid website. Despite proposing to her right before leaving Ukraine, David said at the reunion that they are not together...at the moment.

Geoffrey and Varya (Season 4)

Status: Engaged

When Geoffrey left Russia, he was ready to walk down the aisle. Varya wasn't. However, she changed her mind and came to America to surprise Geoffrey...only to find him with another woman. The two hadn't spoken since she turned down his proposal, but once together in person again, Geoffrey was ready to give it another try. Varya's time in America ended with Geoffrey popping the question and Varya accepting.

90 Day: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9 p.m. and 90 Day: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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