Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Teddi Mellencamp Looks Back on Her Body Transformation

Bravo star celebrates her birthday by sharing gratitude for a healthier lifestyle

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When you're all in, the results are undeniable.

As Teddi Mellencamp celebrates her 38th birthday today, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Instagram and looked back on how far she's come health wise.

"Photo on the left: my birthday during one of the many years I was truly struggling with taking care of myself when it came to health and fitness," she wrote to her followers. "I remember having to step on the scale at the doctor— and the tears when the doc said, ‘Teddi, you're 5'3" and over 200lbs.' The me in that picture would do extreme fad diets, lose a bunch of weight and then gain it all back again."

Teddi continued, "Picture on the right: Now, going into my 38th year with four years of consistent commitment to my lifestyle. Four years years I have been All IN— no yo-yo. And even when I do get a little ‘wild' (for instance, you may have seen me on #RHOBH in Provence), I have the tools to reel it back in rather than letting myself unravel for week's worth of choices that don't work for me."

Celebrity Birthday Bashes

The owner of ALL IN by Teddi expressed gratitude for her support network that includes a team of coaches, clients, family and friends.

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And for those who think eating certain foods is the only way to get healthier, Teddi may disagree.

"I am grateful that at this age of 38 I now know that healthy living isn't a diet— it's a lifestyle," she wrote. "38 is gonna be the best year yet.  #thebestisyettocome #allinbyteddi #healthy #committed."

As the reality star prepares for a fun family vacation, Teddi was able to enjoy her birthday weekend with church and a family meal at Catch LA.

And for those wondering how she started her b-day, a 5 a.m. workout class was absolutely on her agenda. She's all in, folks! 

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