Relive Revenge Body's Most Inspiring Transformations Ahead of Season 3

By Emily Mae Czachor Jun 25, 2019 12:30 PMTags
Watch: The Most Satisfying Revenge Makeovers

Khloe Kardashian always said a bangin' body is the best revenge. Pair that with a healthy mind (elevated confidence and sense of self are must-haves) and you've got yourself a real success story. 

For further evidence, check out any one of the triumphant testimonials featured in this mashup video from Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian's first two seasons. And with season three set to premiere Sunday, July 7, fans of Khloe's inspiring reality transformation series can expect to see a lot more personal victories where these came from in 2019.  

"Originally, I was here because I thought, you know, I was going to show [my ex] that he didn't break me and that sounds great," former participant Rebecca tells the camera just before the end of her Revenge Body journey. As far as showing her ex he missed out on something great? Rebecca certainly got what she came for. But still, "Now I'm like, 'That's silly.' Today is the day of my reveal and I am so ready to show up for my own life."

Audiences who kept up with the series during seasons one and two know Rebecca is far from the only Revenge Body contender who came on the show seeking post-breakup redemption and left realizing they never needed their ex's approval in the first place. 

Take season two participant Mike, an army veteran who started his term on the series after finding out his fiancée was cheating with a friend of his who'd been crashing on their couch.

"I had to leave for a weekend and I came back and I found Rob's clothing on my side of the bed and I found his phone charger plugged in on my side of the bed," Mike explains to Khloe in the video. "And then when the truth came out, it was crushing because I'd lost my support system when I lost the two people that were closest to me."

"Well, f--k them. Who needs them?" Khloe quips back, and it's obvious this is just the sort of advice Mike needs to hear from his new lifestyle guru.

Weeks later and Mike has his confidence back with an ultra-toned body to match.

"I didn't realize it, but I had began to feel like a victim," he says during his final workout. "Now, I feel like a soldier again."

Watch Rebecca and Mike's Revenge Body wins unfold—and revisit Gaby's emotional success story from 2017, too—in the video above! Plus, scroll down to see even more inspiring before and after pics from seasons one and two! 


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 23 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 28 Pounds


Weight Lost: 18 Pounds


Weight Lost: 64 Pounds


Weight Lost: 23 Pounds

Kay Richae

Weight Lost: 50 Pounds


Weight Lost: 56 Pounds


Weight Gained: 38 Pounds


Total Lost: 24 Inches


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds

Amber & Ashley

Weight Loss:

Amber: 36 Pounds

Ashley: 50 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Gained: 22 Pounds


Weight Lost: 30 Pounds


Weight Lost: 50 Pounds


Weight Lost: 43 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 27 Pounds


Weight Lost: 45 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 28 Pounds


Weight Lost: 42 Pounds


Weight Lost: 22.4 Pounds


Weight Lost: 36 Pounds


Weight Lost: 32 Pounds


Weight Lost: 40 Pounds


Weight Lost: 18 Pounds

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