Natalie Halcro Laughs About Her Basketball-Playing First Boyfriend With the Relatively Nat & Liv Cast

The Halcro-Pierson cousins take a stroll down memory lane over rounds of their favorite Canadian snack dishes.

By Emily Mae Czachor May 31, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson's Fave Canadian Snacks

Natalie Halcro has a type!

The fashion-savvy social media influencer—who E! audiences might remember from her time on WAGS—recounts her earliest dating memories in this hilarious potluck-style video featuring family members and Relatively Nat & Liv co-stars Olivia Pierson, Owen Pierson and Joel Halcro. When the gang isn't chowing down on Canadian delicacies like Kraft Dinner and ketchup-flavored potato chips (both of which come highly recommended by the Vancouver natives, so don't knock 'til you try), they're answering questions posed by What the Fashion host Justin Martindale.

"Who was the first person here at this table to go on a date?" Justin asks the group, and Nat pipes up right away.

"It was definitely me, probably," she says before nodding to her cousin across the table. "Me or Owen."

Liv points out that it would've been her brother for sure (Owen later confirms he went on his first date at 10 years old and "it was arranged by the parents and everything"), since Nat wasn't actually allowed to date until her 16th birthday.

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"So, there was this big thing in my school, like, 'Oh, Natalie's allowed to date!'" the IG star remembers, adding that hopeful admirers started leaving notes in her locker at school in preparation for the big day. "It was a big deal," Nat continues, "Like, 'Who is she gonna pick?'"

In the end, none of her locker poetry suitors made the cut. Instead, she went for "some older basketball loser" (not the coach, Justin checked) who Joel hopes "doesn't have a TV." Other than that, Nat only describes her high school beau as a "bad boy" and answers in the affirmative when the host turns to her and asks, "Like fifth-year senior?"

Old habits die hard, but hopefully not that one. Hear all about Nat's first boyfriend—and see her reaction when Joel spills an entire glass of champagne in her lap before the one-minute mark—in the video above!

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