Maisie Williams Does a 180 From Arya Stark With a New Hair Color

The Game of Thrones star is rocking a lighter look.

By Samantha Schnurr May 21, 2019 1:22 PMTags
Arya Stark, Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones FinaleHelen Sloan/HBO

Farewell, Arya Stark—Maisie Williams is rocking a new 'do.

As fans well know, Game of Thrones is no more after its highly anticipated finale arrived on Sunday night. And while (spoiler alert!) Williams' iconic character is heading West, the actress has been busy trying out a new hair color. 

Of course, Stark and Williams have been synonymous with brunette locks for eight seasons of the HBO series, but no more. Back in November 2018, Williams swapped her dark hair for bubblegum pink-tinged tresses. 

Now, she's segued into a new shade of....drumroll please: blond! The star shared a snap of her new look on social media on Sunday, just in time for the finale. 

The star has not shied away from hair color since shooting for the final season wrapped. She transitioned to a shade of lilac for the Game of Thrones season eight premiere in April and was back to pink a week later.  As she explained in an interview with ITV News Meridian, it was the first time in a decade she didn't have to keep the same look. 

"For the first time since I signed the contract when I was 12, I'm out of a contract now. I don't have to do anything for anyone," she said in January. "I didn't realize how exciting that was going to be until I'm here now and so, I dyed my hair pink and I cut it and I did everything because I haven't been able to do any of these things."

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