Nikki Reed's Anniversary Post for Ian Somerhalder Will Melt Your Heart

Twilight star marks a special anniversary with new wedding photos

By Mike Vulpo Apr 26, 2019 6:07 PMTags
Nikki Reed, Ian SomerhalderJerod Harris/Getty Images for Dell

The honeymoon phase isn't over for this beloved Hollywood couple.

As Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder mark four years of marriage this week, fans are being treated to new wedding photos as well as a few heartfelt words.

In a new Instagram post shared on Friday morning, Nikki revealed a collage of wedding day photos with her main man.

And while the photos are enough to get fans oohing and aahing, it's the caption that is melting more than a few hearts.

"Four years ago we had no idea what we were getting into. We didn't know everything we thought we knew about life, or what it means to be a real life—partner to somebody else. We were just two kids who were crazy about each other," Nikki wrote. "We didn't yet know how to grow with someone, but we knew we were in love and we knew we wanted to learn all of these things...together."

Proof Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Relationship Goals

The Twilight star continued, "I still have no idea if we're doing it right, but I know we both wake up everyday and choose each other. We've seen a lot, we've done a lot, we've laughed a lot, we've laughed a lot of it off, and we've continued to be each other's biggest cheerleaders, and truest support system."

Back in April 2015, the couple gathered their family and closest friends together in Santa Monica, Calif., for a sunset wedding.

In lieu of gifts, lucky attendees were asked to donate to the newlywed's animal rescue charity. The couple would later welcome a baby girl into the world.

"An amazing thing happens when you merge your life and soul with another. Your relationship becomes its own beautiful garden that continues to bloom," Nikki wrote in her anniversary post. "May this next chapter be filled with curiosity and even more admiration for all the incredible things we still continue to discover."

The actress added, "May we continue to ask each other questions and make-out in the backseat. You are the love of my life, the only one who gives me butterflies, and I'm so grateful we get to experience this together. Happy four years married my honey."

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