How the Cast of The 100 Reacted to Their Cool, Complicated New Planet

All we know is that it's very, very different from what we've seen before

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The 100 is headed somewhere very, very new in season six (as you can see in the confusing new poster above). 

After the last inhabitable bit of Earth was destroyed at the end of season five, all of the remaining humans got on a spaceship and went to sleep for 125 years until a new home could be found for them. The last thing we saw was Bellamy and Clarke waking up and learning about the sacrifice Monty and Harper had made to find them a new planet to live on, and that new planet is currently a complete mystery—perhaps the biggest mystery heading into the new season. 

The 100 Stars In and Out of Costume

"It's an Earth-like planet, we've seen it from space," EP Jason Rothenberg told us after last year's finale. "It will pack many, many surprises, the creatures that we encounter are not things that would've been on Earth. You know, the threats and the mysteries, it's just endless, you know, the sky's literally the limit as far as what we can and hopefully will encounter. You know, it's survivable to humans, so it has to have a Monty says it's in the Goldilocks zone of binary star system. So we know there's two stars, we know there's water and land and trees based on what we've seen from space. The rest is going to be revealed, obviously, as they touch down in season six."

When we visited the Vancouver set of the show in November, the cast still couldn't tell us much, but they could reveal how they reacted when they saw the new world of their show.

"I had to read it about six times because it was very confusing," Marie Avgeropoulos told reporters. "It's very, very—it's got so much sci-fi elements this season to the show…it's really quite complicated."

"The planet's going to be nuts," said Richard Harmon. "It's gonna look oddly Vancouver-like, but they did such an amazing job this year of actually being able to switch it up, kind of where we shoot, and show the difference, and that's the lovely thing about shooting in Vancouver…The planet has a very interesting and cool look to it this season. I thought I was on the wrong set. This is still The 100, right?"

"I loved it," Lindsey Morgan said. "This may be my favorite season, like when we were being pitched it, I remember I went to the writer's room and I come home—and I'm living with Tasya and Jarod by the way, and I was like in the kitchen with them—I was like, this is the best season yet. And I was so kind of hyped up on it. It's really creative and it's something we haven't done yet, but it fits so well into the realm of The 100. It's really cool."

For Tasya Teles, it was "total and utter disbelief and joy and excitement."

"Because I was wondering what are they going to do? What are they going to come up with?" she said. "I was shocked that they were able to create something so novel and so interesting and so exciting. There's a lot of excitement behind it." 

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Bob Morley recalled it being a bit like when they started the show in the first place, five years ago.

"For me as an actor, I'm like, yeah, this is kind of funny, because it does feel like the show's been recreated," he said. "We're doing a new planet, and I think there are even some lines about déjà vu or ‘we've done this before,' or this, that, and the other. So there are callbacks for sure. It's once again building a world. We've had the last five seasons kind of fleshing out the Grounder mythology and all that, so this year, it's much more figuring out a new world and building that story behind those new people that we come across."

So to recap, the planet is Earth-like, and it's going to be nuts, confusing, sci-fi, complicated, oddly Vancouver-like but different, interesting, cool, creative, novel, exciting, and for a sec, Richard Harmon thought he was on the wrong set. 

Just over a month before we get to find out for ourselves exactly what we're in for!

The 100 returns April 30 on The CW.  

This story was originally published on Monday, March 25. 

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