You Without Joe's Narration Is the Most Awkward

We can only imagine how awkward it was for the actors to film

By Lauren Piester Feb 06, 2019 2:49 AMTags
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Like a multicam sitcom with no laugh track, Netflix's You gets real awkward when you take away the narration. 

The show's most distinguishing feature is the voiceover by leading man/serial killer Joe (Penn Badgley), which is addressed to "you," AKA Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and it turns out that when that voiceover is gone, it's just a whole bunch of really long and awkward pauses. 

Netflix released a video of some scenes from the show with the voiceover cut out, and if it weren't for Netflix's added commentary, we would honestly be too uncomfortable to watch the whole thing. With the voiceover, it's creepy. Without the's creepier, but in a worse way somehow. 

Everything We Know About You Season 2

See for yourself below. 

So basically what we've learned today is that Joe doesn't talk all that much out loud, and Joe and Beck really never talked all that much at all (except falafel).

Will Joe talk more in season two? Only time will tell. 

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You is streaming on Netflix. 

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