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Scott Tweedie has received the Shaquille O'Neal stamp of approval.

On Monday morning, the NBA legend stopped by Pop of the Morning to discuss his role as the Krispy Kreme resolution coach and to share Krispy Kreme Minis (a new permanent menu item available today). However, before the interview even began, O'Neal had quite the compliment for the Australian reporter.

"Where'd you get this guy from?" the 47-year-old retired athlete exclaimed. "Guy's beautiful. Can't stop looking at him."

"And that's the break! Thanks for coming in, Shaq," Tweedie quipped in response to the unexpected compliment.

As the new E! personality looked more than pleased with the flattering remark, co-host Lilliana Vazquez joked that "Scott's retiring now."

Yet, the compliments didn't stop there as Shaq went on to dub Tweedie the "sexiest Australian in the world." This kind comment came about as the renowned basketball star talked about his life after retirement.

According to O'Neal, he has chosen to perform as DJ Diesel to replace the "adrenaline factor" he once got while in the NBA.

Of course, POTM co-host Victor Cruz could relate to this point as he's a retired NFL wide receiver. Here's where Shaq's latest compliment came in…

"We as athletes, we have the adrenaline factor. Adrenaline factor of going to the arena, stadium and seeing people go crazy. When that's over, it's takes a period of time for us to get back to life," O'Neal wisely noted. "Like, he has a great life of sitting next to the sexiest Australian in the world and next to you."

"Hugh Jackman's not here," Tweedie humbly responded.

Yeah, Jackman's pretty attractive, but we're big Tweedie fans here at E!

For more of O'Neal's Pop of the Morning interview, including a blast from Shaq's fashion past, be sure to watch the highlight above!

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