Is Mel Gibson the Christmas gift that keeps on giving?

While out promoting his new film Daddy's Home 2, Gibson dished to E! News in an exclusive interview that this may not be his first official Christmas movie.

There's been a lot of buzz that his 1987 classic Lethal Weapon isn't just a story about two undercover cops at odds with their approach to the job, but that it's actually a story about two undercover cops at odds with their approach to the job at CHRISTMAS time. This would technically make it a Christmas film in fans' opinions, despite all the action and bloodshed.

Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson

Warner Bros.

When asked about this theory, Gibson laughed at how big it was in the '80s to set films with a Christmas backdrop. He joked to us that all directors at the time would say, "Set it at Christmas! Lots of snow, funny little songs, music to kill by, you know?"

Gibson's newest Christmas film is the sequel to Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's Daddy's Home. Gibson plays Wahlberg's stern, macho father opposite John Lithgow's portrayal of an overly attached, loving father to Ferrell's character.

Much like the first installment, Daddy's Home 2 is filled with festive chaos and generational drama.

Since Gibson gave it his seal of approval, we hope to see both Lethal Weapon and Daddy's Home 2 added to the holiday genre.

Daddy's Home 2 is in theaters Nov. 10.

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