Hear that? It's the sound of a burn.

You'd think James Corden might struggle in a rap battle against Riz Ahmed, who in addition to acting works as a rapper, but The Late Late Show host held his own in a very heated rap battle Monday night. Corden and Ahmed squared off in "Drop the Mic," where each star had to melodically hurl insults at each other.

"Am I supposed to be afraid of riz because he raps? / His lyrics lack depth just like when he acts," Corden kicked off his first rap. "You might recognize him from some TV shows or not at all if you don't pay for HBO. On Girls this season he taught Lena [Dunham] how to surf / But you're drowning tonight, Riz, cuz you're on my turf.

Riz Ahmed, James Corden, The Late Late Show


"This is a blood bath it's not a fair fight it's like you were overbooked on a United Air flight."

Ahmed, who appeared on Girls and starred in HBO's The Night Of, wasn't pleased with Corden's lyrics. "That wasn't very nice," Ahmed noted. "Let's do this!"

"I speak the truth you're a liar / He's like Sean Spicer mixed with a singing Uber driver," Ahmed rapped. "James and I are from the same place on the map, that's how I know he just stole Graham Norton's act / I'm a bit confused with his show he's saying he sings and dances cute / Isn't that Ellen? Look at you I bet you think you're great but your show's so late nobody's awake."

Trying to pretend he wasn't offended by Ahmed's pointed lyrics, Corden joked he "couldn't hear a lot of what you're saying because I was distracted by that shirt."

Clearly, the insults weren't saved solely for the raps. In response, Corden launched into another verse, this time taking aim at Ahmed's career.

"I know ruining a Star Wars is seen as unlawful / But here's a Rogue One spoiler in it he's awful," Corden sounded off. "Honestly it's mean to say in Star Wars he stinks / He made me miss the days of Jar Jar Binks / Your sex scene in Girls might need an acting class / You didn't need to get naked to show us you're an ass.

"The Night Of it's a murder mystery right? / Well there's no mystery here because I'm killing you tonight."

To see Ahmed's response, watch the intense and hilarious video!

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