Starbucks Holiday Red Cup, 2016


It's time to calm down with this red cup nonsense. Somehow, some way, Starbucks has managed to hook the entire world into this holiday cup drama and the latest news is no less extra. This all started last year when they released plain red holiday cups. Any stable individual might have admired the cup, sipped their drink and moved on with their life, but, sadly, we all know the internet is far from sane. As you might recall, social media went wild over the fact that the red cups had supposedly been stripped of all Christmas symbolism.

Fast forward to 2016. A Redditor leaked the supposed red cup design in late October, throwing the internet into another frenzy. This year, the cups were not plain, but rather a white illustration with flowers, leaves and a bird. Then, a day after the leak, Starbucks officially released a seasonal green drinking cup.

Why? Because apparently, they're competing for world's biggest internet troll. Seriously, Starbucks, the world doesn't need this much drama around a paper cup! That's not even all of it, you guys. Right when everyone thought we were going green this year, another red cup leak happened. In case you lost count, that's a total of three possible Starbucks holiday cups. Who needs that many cups? C'mon, Starbucks.

OH WAIT. That's not all. If you thought three were excessive, you haven't lived.

Starbucks officially revealed their 2016 red cup on their website, and it's out (for real) in stores starting today. Did we say cup? We meant cups. Actually, we meant 13 cups. THIRTEEN CUPS, YOU GUYS. On the one hand, we can all calm the eff down now that we know the official designs. On the flip side, everyone (including Starbucks) could benefit from realizing that all of this hype is literally just about a paper cup and that we don't need 13 to motivate us to drink their coffee. Just saying.

All 13 of them were designed by customers from all over the world. Designs, including holiday lights, snowflakes, trees and more, were taken from contestants from six countries. Okay, fine. Maybe they are kind of cool after all.

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