Plot Twist Part Two: A Second Starbucks Holiday Red Cup Design Has Emerged

Will the real red cup please stand up?

By Dominique Haikel Nov 04, 2016 10:46 PMTags
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Update time! Apparently, Starbucks might be releasing multiple holiday red cups this year. According to an Instagram post, you can clearly see three different holiday cups being unboxed. What. The. Heck. 


Hold. Up. What the actual holiday hell is going on with Starbucks red cups right now? Nobody seems to have a clue, and the coffee chain isn't clearing things up either. If you thought last years red cup drama was wild, this year is quickly getting out of hand as well. What do we mean? Let's run through what we know so far.

Long before Pumpkin Spice Latte season had even ended, one Redditor, a Starbucks employee, leaked the (supposed) holiday red cups to the internet. Stores had received shipments of cups in boxes marked "No peeking until November 10," but that didn't stop the world from finding out their design early. That was all fine and dandy, right? 

Celebs With Starbucks Holiday Red Cups

Cute new cups with a red and white design and all is right with the world? Wrong. Totally wrong. Kind of. The day after the cups leaked, Starbucks did the unthinkable. 

The coffee chain rolled out seasonal GREEN cups and stunned us all with their bold move. The design was a logo-free cup with a single-stroke illustration representing togetherness and community. Pretty cool if you ask us, but it still confused the heck out of those waiting for traditional red cups. Like everything the internet gets its hands on, people had choice words for the new color. It's always something, right? The story has another plot twist, however, and we can't make this stuff up.

Today, Starbucks customer Anthony Desiervi tweeted, "I was in Cupertino on November 1st, and they opened the wrong box and gave me the red holiday [cup]. This will be out on the 10th." As you can see, it's fairly different than the red cup that was leaked on Reddit in October. Like, what? Can the real Starbucks holiday cup please stand up? This version of the red cup features a black and white design, with snow and a pine tree. Wait a minute. Is that supposed to be a Christmas tree?! Did they decide to get on the good side of all those haters from last year?

We can't say for sure what's going on with Starbucks and their famous cups. November 10 is only a few days away, and we'll find out the truth soon enough. Stay tuned. 

[Originally published November 3, 2016]